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  1. onsiteSat

    say I need 19 outputs, what do I do?

    Make sure all ports are power passive. The Channel master 2212IFD should do the trick.
  2. onsiteSat

    Anyone in Arizona have an 5 lnb dish

    Ill have to ask my techs weve only put up 3 so far.
  3. onsiteSat

    "Slimline" Dish coming soon

    Stargazer needs a upgrade Yeah he Needs to update to the new non "smudged" version
  4. onsiteSat

    MPEG4 / Phoenix AZ

    As a dealer here in Glendale we were told that we wouldnt see the new KaKu Dish and H20 rec till Mid April to the first part of May.
  5. onsiteSat

    November...Any HD NEws?

    Have we heard anything more about these on either E* or D*? Except for ESPN2 HD and UHD on D*.