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  1. Proc

    MLB EI coming to FIOS...

    For the Fios-ites out this today...take it for what its worth..
  2. Proc

    Back to cable after 14 years!

    I called Comcast just for grins after reading your post...just got off the phone... 6mb Internet/Phone/Digtal Cable with only one box/HD/DVR: $128/month plus taxes ($9) and $6.95 for additional digtial boxes. No deal there. Guess the deals depend on when/who ya call. I'm staying...
  3. Proc

    Any good or very bad Comcast stories?

    I left Comcast in 2003 and went to D*. The reason? I was paying $77 a month for one digital cable box and a cable modem/net service. My bill went up to $103. When I called to discuss this, I was told "Last year we made an effort to work with our customers and now that your 'deal' is over, we...
  4. Proc

    This opens the door for FiOS in Michigan
  5. Proc

    Michigan opens up the door for new cable co's

    Intersting article. The State of Michigan has passed legislation that will allow new cable companies to come into cities. It eliminates the currrent "franchise" agreement that cable co's have with cities.
  6. Proc

    [COMCAST] TNT-HD?? Will Comcast NJ Ever Get It?

    Unless you are a "Law & Order" fan, TNTHD isn't worth squat. Alright, maybe for a few NBA games, but other than that, its uprezzed rerun hell.
  7. Proc

    Motorola 6416 DVR available?

    I think its the Series III unit with a bigger hard drive than the 6412.
  8. Proc


    satjay...I was just at my neighbor's house and yes, if you have the HD pack, ESPN is in HD. No ESPN2 though. I think the HD pack had ESPNHD, TNTHD, DSCHD, INHD1 and INHD2, along with the local stations.
  9. Proc

    What's the latest Comcast satellite buy back offers???

    I called. It was semi-negotiated, but mostly it was the customer service rep who offered it. I decided to stay with D* though. The thought of losing my NFL Sunday Ticket package weighed in the decision.
  10. Proc

    What's the latest Comcast satellite buy back offers???

    This is the deal Comcast just offered me. I haven't taken it -- yet, but its tempting. --I give them my satellite receiver. They give me $25 off the bill for 16 months. --I would get an HD Digital Box with DVR for upstairs and a second Digital Box for the basement. --HBO or Cinemax for 16...