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  1. Frank7004

    My questions about UVERSE

    $300 is what I would be saving by switching from dish. Maybe I'll keep my dish. Sent from my iPhone using SatelliteGuys
  2. Frank7004

    My questions about UVERSE

    That does help, thanks. I will call them Tuesday and enquirer about new services again. If they don't have the remote viewing feature, that may be the deal breaker. My daughter watches TV on the ipad more than the tv...
  3. Frank7004

    My questions about UVERSE

    After being a Dish tech and not paying for my television, I now have to pay. (I am no longer a tech) I am considering giving uverse a try. If I understand the website, there is no commitment. (chatted with an agent). Can you install or add an external hard drive to the receiver? Do they have...
  4. Frank7004

    RG 6 and satellite signal

    You need a connector. Depending on who you have for a provider, it will probably be cheaper to have a tech come out than buy the tools/material....unless you already have the tools or feel the need to buy them.
  5. Frank7004

    wiring a home for the future

    My buddy is remodeling his house and asked me to wire it up "for the future". Just wanna make sure I am not forgetting anything. I'm actually pretty excited about doing this. He currently has DTV but MAY switch to Dish shortly. My plan is to find a location for both Dish and Direct TV install...