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  1. Eastcoast

    HELP! Motor acting up!

    Ok, maybe you'll have to get that 5 inch tv ouside!
  2. Eastcoast

    HELP! Motor acting up!

    Hi Larry Is it possible when you reset your receiver earlier and now select G10 i guess the LNBF selection is standard.Just a thought. Dave
  3. Eastcoast

    KUIL Problem?

    I too have noticed a problem and at one point was about to tweak my dish thinking the strong wings moved it slightly.Hope they get it back soon. Dave:hungry:
  4. Eastcoast

    SatelliteAV / Fortec System Giveaway

    Congrats Satellite AV on your recent new ope St. John's, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada Dave
  5. Eastcoast

    Are there any Coast To Coast type radio stations?

    Hi Larry I was interested in that myself as I have hears it on the internet before through a talk show station in California but would like to get it on FTA.Perhaps we should send them an email a suggest the FTA thing to them. Dave
  6. Eastcoast

    SG2100 motor U Bolts

    Thanks for the input George. I have this problem because when I first got the motor some time back I mounted it on my chimney and in order to turn it to true south I had to cut short the u bolts on one side. Now I want to mount the motor on a 2 3/8 pole and the U bolts are short. I know you...
  7. Eastcoast

    SG2100 motor U Bolts

    Hi Guys Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to use to replace the 2 U bolts used to mount the SG2100 to the mounting pole, other that ordering some kind of replacement kit.Would stainless steel threaded rod bent to the right dimentions work? Dave
  8. Eastcoast

    FTA Canada

    Hi fjacky I live in Atlantic Canada and Been playing with FTA since the spring.I have purchased items from KUSAT in the past with no issues and FREE DElivery on some items.I would purchase from this Forums Gold Sponsores if at all possible as they do help here quite a bit. Dave
  9. Eastcoast

    Motor suggestions?

    Bloomdog I used universal 1.5 inch metal angle material comes in various lengths and should be available at most hardware stores. Here is a link to a thread that PSB gave to me. This is a very good How TO Fabricate a lighter mount. Dave
  10. Eastcoast

    Motor suggestions?

    I have been using a 1.2 meter dish and originally weighed about 37 pounds. I fabricated a much lighter mount and presently have it mounted on a SG2100 but would not recommend that motor as it struggles and also the larger dish holds alot of wind. I was thinking about the HH120 but I may go back...
  11. Eastcoast

    Making a choice with my Setup before the Snow

    I hear ya Larry The 1 meter is what I was leaning towards as I like the motor, and the weather well mainland Canada has beed getting snow we have been getting alot of high wind and rain here. I'm not a lover of snow. Dave
  12. Eastcoast

    Making a choice with my Setup before the Snow

    I currently have a 1.2 meter Andrew dish mounted on a SG2100 and a less that 2 inch pole.I am having some problems as the motor struggles with the heavy dish and the post needs to be replaced with a 2 3/8 in. I think I will either have to mount the 1.2M dish on a fixed pole and use several...
  13. Eastcoast

    PSB / FTA Announcement

    Sorry to hear Pete has gone. All the best Pete and we do hope you will still be around for a chat on this fourm. Dave
  14. Eastcoast

    Motor bracket rotation issue

    Yea I know I have been meaning to change it and hope to before winter.Other than the motor mount moving in a strong wind the heavy guage and only 4 foot length is not too bad. (But its still going to be replaced with a 2-3/8 fence post) Dave
  15. Eastcoast

    Motor bracket rotation issue

    I will have to agree that I too have had some problems with my SG2100 moving on the mast, I was thinking that my mast was not large enough as mine is 1.75 in.The othe issue is we get alot of srong winds here. Dave
  16. Eastcoast

    What FTA Channel is your Favorite?

    I can't get G10 without some trouble so I like Russia Today on IA-5. Dave
  17. Eastcoast

    DirectTV Ka LNBF specs?

    Is an old RCA Direct Tv receiver any good to receive anything FTA as I have seen a couple at a local used "junk" store?
  18. Eastcoast

    StarChoice experiment

    Nice to know , as I was keeping my eye out for a previously used box. I was interseted in the Access channel.I guess more equipment to stack in the corner and play with. Dave
  19. Eastcoast

    Time again - Weekend Satellite Projects?

    Only inside projects here this weekend as well as we are not getting SNOW YET but high winds and lots of rain from the same large weather system that giving Buffalo the snow. Dave