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  1. daveg

    Is a 622 with a sling box better that a 922?

    Does anyone else feel like a 722/622 with a sling box would be better that a 922? The 922 is missing tv2 functions, external HD compatibility, and picture in picture. The user interface is a lot more polished on the 722 than the 922. While the interface looks prettier on the 922, I believe...
  2. daveg

    Remote wont sync

    I’m having a problem syncing the tv2 touch pad remote with our 922. I press and hold the Channel + button but the remote never beeps. Any ideas?
  3. daveg

    Birds for HD NFL Season Ticket

    I'm think about switching to DirecTV for the NFL Season Ticket. What birds do I need to hit in order to get the games in HD?