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    Slow Internet

    I am facing a dilemma; triple play with Verizon or Cablevision. I have DishNetwork in additions to Cablevision and Verizon for telephone service. I have the everthing pack plus GoldHD with PlatinumHD and two leased HD DVR's. I have the Family Pack with Cablevision and one HD DVR. As stated on...
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    Slow Internet

    Thank you for this information. The supervisor that accompanied the technicians is going to call me on Tuesday , January 20th. I would like to bring this up with him. Is there anything I can offer to substantiate this information. I would also like to know if there was a way to determining...
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    Slow Internet

    Cablevision came by today with a field supervisor and three technicians. They spent three hours here. They replaced the modem and did some more line work. The customer next door had two lines to his home. This created a problem because the box on the pole only has room for four nodes...
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    Slow Internet

    Cablevision has been out three times. They have replaced the cable from the pole to the house and all of the cable in the home. It is so slow during the evening the INTERNET is not accessible. It takes forever to load a page. Cablevison calls it "packet loss." Late at night and early in the...
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    How much does Fios TV really cost?

    Is anyone leaving DishNetwork for Fios? Does Fios have more HD?
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    Extreme HD Channels

    What package do you have with FIOS? I am adding a HD DVR and HD extreme in a tripple play package. I am keeping DishNetwork because of their HD DVRs. I have two of them hooked up to external hard drives. I will be leaving Cablevision which I had for the internet and one High Definition DVR...
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    Optimum Online speeds are NUTS in my area

    Thank you for the response. I get broadband and basic High Definition with their Explorer 8300 HD. I may get rid of it when we can attach a hard drive to the 622. I also have the 921. Have you noticed a big difference with the upgrade? I have downloaded some Mp3's but don't see any big...
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    Optimum Online speeds are NUTS in my area

    I did so also. Is this a free upgrade? I hope its not just free for the first month. There is a pay upgrade but I think that is for more speed. Also have you taken advantage of there phone service? I have a huge number of phones attached to two different phone lines through Verizon. I...
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    Scott's Thought's: Satellite HDTV - Too Little, Too Late?

    I live in central-coastal NJ, adjacent to Asbury Park. I have Cablevision for a provider as well. I couldn't agree with you more about cablevision. I only have two satellite receivers so far the 301 and the 501. I am on the pre-order list with DishDept for the 911 and will get the 801as...
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    134 Registered!!!!

    I may have been in the first ten to register. I had received an email from Scott at about 3:11 pm on 09/07/03 about the new site. When I first tried it did not yet have an operational home page.