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    Got 6 months for 30 bucks

    I got the same deal for my car also can use my phone hooked up to my stereo system in the house! My wife wants it in her car also but don't know if I will have her call an get the cheaper deal or see how much to add to my account? Any ideas on which 1 would be cheaper?
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    Got 6 months for 30 bucks

    Signed back up after a long break from Sirius 4 years. Bought a used car 2013 had it build in to the radio. So I signed back up but no Howard stern channel no 100 or 101 is that normal now or do u have to pay more for Howard now? Posted Via The FREE SatelliteGuys Reader App!
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    Sirius To Owe 1 Billion in 2009

    There are in big trouble in 2009. I think it might be the end of sat radio!! When Sirius Satellite Radio (SIRI) persuaded Howard Stern to leave traditional radio for satellite a few years ago, the shock jock took a few potshots on his way out the door. He railed against the "censorship" on...
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    Sportster 5 question

    I heard from lots of my buddies that BB does the worst installs they ever seen. I got sirius about 6 months ago, bought it at BB for the rebate. Than I took it to Frys Electronics here in Phoenix. They charged $35 which was awsom, they put the radio where i wanted, mounted the atenna on the...