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    Dish Internet??

    Thanks for the fast reply hooked up my wifi to my hopper 2 an now watching a movie great picture a little slow to load an get going I did pause it for 10 mins at the start an so far so good HD video Sent from my iPhone using SatelliteGuys mobile app
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    Dish Internet??

    I live in the country so internet is hard to get. I had this company called Atlink services out of Oklahoma City install wifi service they we not able to see the tower so only getting 1.5 lowest possible single an upload an download speeds but it's unlimited no cap. So is dish Internet any...
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    Fox sports Southwest

    Ok I will look again when I get home an yes I have HD hopper an 2 joeys Sent from my iPhone using SatelliteGuys mobile app
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    Fox sports Southwest

    I don't even have an HD sign in the guide Sent from my iPhone using SatelliteGuys mobile app
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    Fox sports Southwest

    Just got my dish changed from Directv was wondering why fox sports south west isn't in HD an why I don't have fox sports Oklahoma I had it with Directv and is the pac 12 network full time HD Sent from my iPhone using SatelliteGuys mobile app
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    Coming Back To DISH

    Plus being From Arizona living in Oklahoma I finally get the pac12 network I got the multi sport pack with it I missed a few Sun Devils games last year an lots of baseball also so I'm excited about that Sent from my iPhone using SatelliteGuys mobile app
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    Coming Back To DISH

    That's what I thought but in the long run more money saved for me regular hopper will be just fine with me don't watch on my phone or on the go anyways!! Just glad to get a new looking guide wonder how it will look. Tired of the plain old Directv 1 Sent from my iPhone using SatelliteGuys...
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    Coming Back To DISH

    Hello everyone been on here awhile now but love this site. I have been with Direct for 6 years an time to come back. Wanted the Hopper 3 but didn't want to pay another 150!! How does the regular hopper compare to my direct HR 44?? Thank u all Sent from my iPhone using SatelliteGuys mobile app
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    Any free installs comming up for new sign ups??

    Currently have DTV contract is up an I wanted to switch to Dish but I don't want to pay up front. I feel like it should be free since I'm switching!! Any idea when the free promo will start again!!
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    Moving an want HD

    I know should of did it last year. I might just wait an have them install what I have now an change later..
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    Moving an want HD

    Hi everyone my wife an I are moving soon, an we want HD... Should I go ahead an pay the 200 fee to upgrade or is there any deal comming up soon I havent heard about yet?? Any help or advice will do thank u all....Chris
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    Want to Upgrade To HD

    I called E an wanted to see about HD... They want $200 for the upgrade. Now I think thats a little to much right now.. Should I want an see if any special comes out or just go ahead an do it?? Thank u all so much been on here a long time now!!!
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    Multi Sports Package

    Im moving to oklahoma city very soon an i heard i can get rangers, astros, royals, an cardinals games without the multi sport pack is this true??
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    Sports Pack Help

    Hello everyone need an answer..Ok I have the top 250 pack with all the hd plus the plat hd.. So my question is am i wasting $6.00 on the sports pack?? should i already b getting everything?? Thanks Chris
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    CBS Sports HD - Channel 152

    CBS College sports is a waste of a HD channel!!! IT SUCKS
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    To Jump or Not To Jump . . . ?

    I have had both D an E in my life time an I must say its all the same!!! I give E the edge due to the great DVR. I tell people if u want the sports packs like MLBEI or NBALP go with D. I want MLBEI on E an I know I will never see it cause my owner of E is a ****H!! An it seems like E is dragging...
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    Losing Signal on HD channels from 129

    Get use to it my friend. I live out here in Phoenix area with no trees or nothing blocking sat 129. Mine goes out at the same time everyday same station TBS. I called a local dealer here an they said sat 129 is comming down its dead!! I thing they have a replacement going up at some point. So...
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    I just don't see the big picture I guess. D has CW an My45 both in HD here in the PHX area.. Is it a contract thing or something more??
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    Thats good news for Denver but will we have the CWHD her in Phoenix or MyTV 45 ih HD here also. MyTV 45 show's alot of Suns games plus WWE...
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    Who Do we need to Contact to get MLBEI Back on Dish

    There's gotta be someone in congress or at Dish we could contact to demand it on Dish. A fan like me wants to pay for it I should have that right!!! Plus MLB TV launches in Jan so I bet thats another 1 we misss out on. Now I love Dish had Direct an hate there hardware so I will not switch just...