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  1. topgman

    not getting ch2 (WCBS) on 1 box std DVR

    I have 4 boxes ...2 std, 1 HD DVR & 1 std DVR ... on the standard DVR as of this morning when I tune to ch 2 which should be my local NY CBS I am getting different channels sometimes TNT sometimes SHO and sometimes ch 5 FOX ... it works fine on all my other boxes ... I tried hitting the reset...
  2. topgman

    $5 increase in new bill from DTV

    I don't know if this has been discussed before but I just received my April 2009 bill from DirecTV and saw a $5 increase in my Premier Monthly from $104.99 to 109.99
  3. topgman

    DirecTV remote not working

    My DirecTV remote will not work on the DirecTv box but I can turn the TV on & off there something I can do? or do I need a new remote
  4. topgman

    DirecTv On Demand

    On my Hr21 I need to connect by Ethernet to my router to receive DirecTv's On Demand ... trouble is my router and computer are on the 2nd floor and my HDTV is in the bsmt ... any suggestions would be appreciated ... Thanks Steve
  5. topgman

    Old Receivers

    I recently cancelled my *E account after 9+ years I returned my 2 DVR's as instructed by *E ... my ? is what should I do with my other 2 receivers -1 is a DP301 & the other is an ancient 3700 model ... do I just throw them out?
  6. topgman

    Switching from E* to D* questions?

    I am switching from E* to D* and was just wondering if the installer would be able to reuse my existing coax or would they have to rewire the whole house ... I have 4 receivers 2 regular ,1 2tuner HD & 1 2tuner SD any help would be appreciated ... also do they schedule Sat or Sun installs
  7. topgman

    Sirius On E*

    Does anyone know why the Howard Stern channels are not broadcast by Sirius on E* ? D* broadcasts XM Sat Radio including the Opie & Anthony channel ... Just wondering if anyone has any info on this ...Thanks
  8. topgman

    Response from E* re:Msg-HD & Fsny-HD

    This is the response I received from E* ,after I sent an email Stating that since D* has added MSG-HD & FSNY-HD,if E* did not add these channels in a timely manner I would switch to D* ,even though I have n a 10+ yrs subscriber to E* ... xxxxxxxx Thank you for your E-mail. We appreciate your...