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    Visionsat IV200 PVR Plus

    Great review. I read some earlier discussion about timers. Any thoughts on whether this is one of the better receivers for setting timers? I'm considering picking up a Fortec Dynamic, but being able to set a good number of timers with flexibility for the recurring days is important so maybe...
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    Pansat 6000

    I have a TiVo box that I use to manually record timers (no subscription), and something that I appreciate is the ability to record a timer even if I'm watching TV at the moment. For example, I'm just watching the news and then a message comes up to warn me that it's about to change the channel...
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    Wave Frontier Toroidal T-90 Satellite Dish

    What's the disadvantage single LNBs on a T90? Most of the installation diagrams I've seen have 4 Diseqcs closest to the LNBs and the 4x4 22K switch closer to the IRDs. If you only have singles that would cut the number of Diseqcs and in turn you would...... have less potential for multiple...