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  1. ronfelder

    Here's the Roku 3!

    Not by much. So far the off chance that one doesn't sub to Netflix they should use toslink connection?
  2. ronfelder

    Here's the Roku 3!

    Using same login gives you the same channels.If you want separate channel selection create another account.He's to be a different user name.No you can't from the Roku switch accounts.You would need to remove Roku fromaccount and add it to other account to switch.
  3. ronfelder

    Here's the Roku 3!

    As stated xs is getting update.what makes you think it won't?
  4. ronfelder

    Here's the Roku 3!

    xd has a standard ir remote.Getting a Bluetooth remote is available but extra.
  5. ronfelder

    Here's the Roku 3!

    xs will get the new user interface.
  6. ronfelder

    Here's the Roku 3!

    What good would an optical port do when it can't pass dolby digital plus? Only past through no conversion to standard dolby digital. So again optical port would be useless. dlna perhaps not but plex and other channels similar make up for the loss of dlna.
  7. ronfelder

    Roku and new interface for older Roku

    All channels means all channels if in the same account.Games, Netflix and the rest.
  8. ronfelder

    Problems with Roku

    This is a common problem with Hulu.The only cure is to reboot box.This occurs on original Roku as well as the new ones.
  9. ronfelder

    Roku-Is it worth it?

    Same if you have Comcast.
  10. ronfelder Samsung BLURAY setup with proxy?

    I use chromewith proxy switchy as a plug in to enter the proxy info.It works great. I then connect pc to hdtv by hdmi cable.