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    FTA ain't wha it used to be

    With RTN gone and my favorite spanish channel out of commission, I've basically been left with little reason to dedicate any time to FTA. I hope things change. Too much competition for my viewing time from FIOS and I just ordered the Roku for streaming Netflix. I think this chapter is...
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    FTA ain't wha it used to be

    I'm a casual FTAer, hispasat on the weekends for ETB and Galicia to keep up with my spanish. RTPA was a big loss. Other than that, I don't see a single thing on FTA (ku band) that is worth the trouble. Am I just missing something?
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    RTPA Choppy Sound

    Looks like the sound is back on RTPA, happened within the last day or two.
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    RTPA Choppy Sound

    Yes RTPA on Hispasat. A few weeks ago, audio got choppy on this channel only. I have re-scanned, did not fix it. All other channels coming in like before, though I was never able to get the arab channels on this satellite to scan in. I have had a previous problem with the coolsat, about a...
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    RTPA Choppy Sound

    Anyone else getting this? If not, is it my Coolsat 4000 Pro screaming to be replaced by something newer?
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    Coolsat 4000 Pro S-Video Losing Color

    About a month ago, the s-video started coming in intermittently in B/W. Turning the unit off and on at the back would usually restore the color. Looks like the color is now dead permanently. I've switched to the composite rca connector, but as owners would know, there is a big drop in...
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    RTNEast/West In and Out

    It is a motorized dish and even when I leave it alone and come back later, channels are gone. Does not happen on 97 and 123 the only other sats it is usually on. Missing some good stuff...
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    RTNEast/West In and Out

    Last night, couldn't even lock on. This morning quality at 90 on coolsat 4000. What gives? Is it me or is this satellite's power up and down continuously all day?
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    Enter to win: Sadoun Powertech DG380 HH Motor - End 2/28/09

    Motorized dishes can be a real hassle and I wouldn't recommend anyone purchase one or enter contests where they might--by chance--end up reluctantly owning one.
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    Current Channel List for Coolsat 4000 Pro

    Can someone post or show me where I can get an updated channel and satellite list for the Coolsat? The original one which I am still using doesn't have AMC9 and I'm having a hard time adding new satellites. I figure just installing someone's file who is pretty current would do the job. I do...
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    The Free Music Channels on 119W

    Been awhile since I've tried to use this. I deleted all channels and rescanned using the "FREE" selection. I'm getting the free video channels and both the pay and free radio channel's listing are showing, the pay of course blocked, but have quality. The free are there (CD1, CD2, etc), but...
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    Jack Benny on RTN

    It sure was and a good episode it was last night, too. I believe it was one of the later shows that were more like sitcoms than the earlier ones which were more like a variety show with a skit or two and a guest star such as Bing Crosby or Bob Hope. Anyone come across Ellery Queen or the...
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    Jack Benny on RTN

    I just went ahead and ordered me some JB from Netflix to tide me over until it shows up on ku. Hopefully, its as good as I remember, some 30 years ago...
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    Jack Benny on RTN

    The rtnville site is listing this as being on. When and where? Thanks!
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    ItianTV Sked off - RTN has different programming now!

    I lied. It was Ironsides I was thinking of and it isn't even shown on the website which seems to be up to date. RTN Shows
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    ItianTV Sked off - RTN has different programming now!

    Perry is definitely still on, but can't recall when or where!
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    RTN's new schedule

    What happened to the Get Smarts? The channel and times are not correct on TitanTV anymore. For those Hitchcock lovers, RNT NAT BACKUP at 8 and 9pm EST. Anyway, what are the call letters for this channel? RTN need to straighten out their program listing do I get in touch...
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    KDEV-LP on TitanTV

    Anyone ever figure out how to get listings on Titantv for this RTN channel?
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    More International Channels Than You'll Ever Need...

    I'm using RG-6 and my cable run is about 50'. How do I measure the voltage to see if I'm getting 18v? At the LNB? I'm going to have some time tomorrow, I'd like to get this fixed. I'm also going to turn the LNB some, but I'm actually getting a pretty strong signal on the V channels and it...