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    AZBOX Azbox ME Software - Status Update

    Thank your for the response. I will watch this site and
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    AZBOX Azbox ME Software - Status Update

    What is the status of Azbox ME software? So far, the last update was issued in September.
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    AZtrino 1.82 - North American edition for AzBox ME

    I tried these settings with an Azbox Me using NA 1.82. I get lots of signals on G 28 but so far no channels. The blind scan fails and then the built in transponders fail as well. I tried to key in the PIDs but I suspect I am missing some numbers.
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    How To Locate & View Disk 2 & Disk1 Folders?

    I have an Azbox ME and I set up a wireless router to work with files. There is a built in web program at the IP address and I can see a / directory with Filezilla. I installed the North American Version 1.77 software and I want to install the three channel files (.dat) in disk 2. So far I cannot...
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    Will Azbox tune CBC?

    Thanks for the information. I wonder if there is an FAQ on the Azbox?
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    Will Azbox tune CBC?

    I am thinking of buying an Azbox since the future of 4DTV is in doubt. Will an Azbox tune CBC?