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  1. ronfelder

    Internet radio constantly logging me out

    Yes it happens to me all the time.
  2. ronfelder

    SiriusXM channel now on Roku

    No it doesn't
  3. ronfelder

    The Howard Stern Show

    The internet feed is about 3 minutes behind the satellite feed. The internet feed is always delayed compared to the sat feed. There's even a difference between radios and xm sirius radios.
  4. ronfelder

    Does Toyota use Sirius or XM equiped radios?

    As of a number of months back they combined the billing. I have two Sirius radios and an XM from my Honda. I called them and they put my xm radio on the same account as the two sirius radios. So i'm no longer paying more for the XM radio. It's considered as an etra radio to my account.
  5. ronfelder

    I got a listen free thing for siriusxm in mail.

    Tell me about it.I had gotten an old Stiletto 2 repaired by tss radio.The service had been canceled for over a year.When I got it back it worked for free for atleast six months before they finally shut it down.It was out of service do to a broken antenna which as I said was fixed. Ron
  6. ronfelder

    radio replays

    Has anybody noticed the following problem? I own a Stiletto 2 and I use quite often the "Radio Replay" function of the Stiletto 2. Well since the upgrade on Wednesday all of my replays but one were deleted from the receiver. Secondly I am no longer able to save any of the music channels as it...
  7. ronfelder

    Same Old Song: Howard proves his worth

    only free for a month or so. The question and i'm sure you'll be negat ive is are they staying after the trial period? Ron
  8. ronfelder

    Playboy channel in Wal-Mart?

    best buy I was in a Best Buy and they were able to receive Howard Stern. Ron
  9. ronfelder

    Sirius Music Quality

    I don't know if you using the modulator or audio out but, a freind of mine who is in broadcasting has discovered that they xm/sirius sound better using the modulator rather than audio out. Not sure why but it does. As for the question you asked. I just remember reading that the nab lobbied...
  10. ronfelder

    Same Old Song: Howard proves his worth

    I hear more of howard with his repeats then i did when he was on terrestrial radio. i'd like to hear bubba too, but i wind up listening to howard on the way home and until he's over at 6 pm. Ron
  11. ronfelder

    Same Old Song: Howard proves his worth

    he said he was joking do to his being insecure. you'd know this if you listened to his show.
  12. ronfelder

    Same Old Song: Howard proves his worth

    He was joking when he said that.
  13. ronfelder

    Sirius Music Quality

    xm or sirius aren't any better than fm radio. they could have been but with lobbying by the nab they won and prevented sat from sounding better than it does. Ron
  14. ronfelder

    Same Old Song: Howard proves his worth

    Why not? you most likely pay for television don't you? Not much different. Ron
  15. ronfelder

    Is Stern worth his millions?

    just 20 years ago people said they wouldn't pay for television either and now most of the country does. Ron
  16. ronfelder

    FM Transmitter reception

    guess it took a rocket scientist from the midwest that if you take off the antennna that you no longer recieve ota stations.