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    BHN questions

    I have BHN in Bakersfield,ca , My ? is why is it that espn goalline ,buzzer beater channel that suppose to shown in HD on ch1139 is not given ,what we see in place is the SD, last year we got it on Hd, I have call several times no one can give me answer, can u please check thanks
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    Forums Support Schedule Christmas Eve & Day

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    If you could add a product, feature or make a change...

    I would like to see if you can find out, here in bakersfield we were suppose to have by the 1st of dec. the weather ch in hd, could you please try to find why we still dont have it , thanks in advance
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    If you could add a product, feature or make a change...

    First i want to thank you for taking your time to reply, I know programers package chs that are force on bhn, that most of us dont care about. But maybe the time has come to have different packages one for those that like sports programing and one for those that dont, overall i belive BHN is...
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    Thanksgiving night NFL on NFL Network (come on TWC!!)

    twc and nfl are as stubborn as the nba and its players, the ones that loose is the fans. buts lets all gives thanks on thanksgiving day that we still live in the greatest country, where we can agreed to disagreed.
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    If you could add a product, feature or make a change...

    What i meant was, we pay for chs that we dont watch, that bhn has added, i dont watch any of lifestyles chs, i pay $7.00 for sportspass just to see the outdoor ch,and sportman ch, if i want the espns chs ,i have to get their digital advantage package, , so bascically i pay about $115. per...
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    If you could add a product, feature or make a change...

    you ask us not to bring pricing or complaints, but you blame the nfl for for us not getting the nlf ch because they want it on basic . but you make us paid for chs that most of dont watch, how many shopping chs or religions are added, why dont you let your customer decided, i see where where...
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    If you could add a product, feature or make a change...

    I wouild like to see on pip mode of my dvr to have split screen or move the pip window to corner of the screen instead when i use it , its more closer to the center then the outer edge.
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    NY Post: Deal Close For NFL Network

    the longer this drags between nfl and twc, more subs of twc and brighthouse are jumpin ship,here in bakersfield, we have the option of u,verse ,plus dish and directv, most of my friends that are sports minded, have already switch , taken the free offer from directv for the sunday package, that...
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    I can not belive that the NFL and TWC [they do the talking for Brighthouse] can not make deal. Well I will give them till this labor day weekend, to make a deal, no deal I will cancel Brighthouse and forget about the Nfl period. Enough is enough, im paying for channels i dont even watch, and the...
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    Ever year at this time of year , we ask when will brighthouse going to sign a deal to get the NFL Channel. Im getting tired of waiting. I love Brighthouse and I am happy except when football comes around. I know that it not Brighthouse , but Time Warner whos stopping Brighthouse from signing...
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    What BHN area are you in?

    In Bakersfield,ca
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    BHN cfl raising prices

    I live in california , i have brighthouse, i recive increase notice also, its time to turn them off, im paying over $120.00 a month, i watch a total of about 20 chs, i want nfl ch and red zone, they dont offer it, good by cable hello internet, $8.00 for netflix looks good
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    Fl-Vandy game, WOFLHD, poot quality?

    check the output comming from your cable box, is 1080 or 720 , not 480, go into settings on your cable box , find output resoultion,
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    BHN Adds new channels to sports pack

    i thank you for the information,
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    BHN Adds new channels to sports pack

    im wondering if they going to add this channels , in bakersfield ,ca also