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    What is an up-to-date software solution for the Azbox ME?

    I have an Azbox ME and it receives many channels including 4.2.2 broadcasts. I believe the following: 1. Azbox has depended on the "Community" to create software for their products from the beginning. 2. Azbox Canada picked up the challenge and supplied software for the ME until this past year...
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    Anik F1R DCII Shaw remapping TP

    Try the A2 map. Access/CTV2 is 351 Knowledge Network is 354 or 355.
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    So long NET Nebraska?

    I tuned in NET Nebraska last night and walked out of the room for awhile. i returned to watch Charlie Rose and the DCII lock was red and nothing appeared on the screen. I am waiting for the a new HD receiver to be released in March so I guess I am out of luck for now. I really liked the...
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    W3 & C4 Questions

    I am still on 4DTV and often watch NET Nebraska. I tried to tune in the three network channels on W3 and the Northwest Cable News network on C4 - 581. The DVBS channels on W3 are fine. The analog channels on C4 are OK. Do these 4DTV channels work for other people?
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    Motorola 905 and Signal Loss

    Thanks for the information. It was wet that morning. The system works better now.
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    Motorola 905 and Signal Loss

    I have a Motorola 905 Sidecar and recently it is losing signal a few times when I tune in a satellite. I notice it most on T4. This morning I tried to tune the NW Cable News on C4 and it would lock for an instant and then go away. The remaining signals show a 60 signal level, the two analog...
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    4D MAP MASTER Progress report?

    Thanks for the replies. So far, so good.
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    4D MAP MASTER Progress report?

    How is the 4D Map Master Project progressing? The last update seems to hold promise.
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    4D Map Master Question for all with 4DTV's

    I use a 905 and tune Ku from Canada, Catholic TV on C3 NW News on C4, Nebraska PBS on T4, and Miami TV on W3. I subbed HBO for years and really miss it. I suppose there are more ITC Channels that I have not mentioned.
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    NET Nebraska Radio on 4DTV

    Thanks for the information, The 905 procedure is Option 6, 1, select language. English=NET2 Television audio, Spanish=NET Radio 1 French=Radio Talking Book Network. 603 has NET radio on Spanish.
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    NET Nebraska Radio on 4DTV

    I used to receive NET Nebraska radio 1 on my DSR 905 Sidecar. Lyngsat shows that there are ITC signals for that service along with the new NET radio two. Can I use a generic map to tune the radio signals? Channel 614 used to carry radio one and still transmits a slide and an audio feed from...
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    shawdirect/starchoice 4dtv?

    I have a BUD with a Toshiba 2200 Analog receiver, a 905 sidecar, and a DVB receiver. I used to get Access Alberta on the sidecar. It seems to have vanished. I still get the Knowledge Network, the shopping channel. The PPV billboard channel, and the BC Parliment. I use the KG setting on the...
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    Amc18 Nbc

    I want to see NBC 4.2.0 on W15 @105 degrees West. I have a Neusat SP6000 on an 8 foot BUD with C/Ku Analog and a 905 Sidecar. I have been at this for a few years and this is the second time that I need help. The color bars come in analog but the text is smeared. The 4DTV signals are clear. The...