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    Might switch back to Charter, a few Q's

    I'm curious to this as well since I've looked at going with Charter TV as well to bundle and save monthly. The problem I see is the initial cost of a TV setup for me for HD in 5 rooms will cost over $1000. It will take me a couple years to recoup that cost and the way technology changes I'm...
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    Thinking of Switching from Dish to Charter Triple Play Gold

    A lot of talk here about hardware but what about PQ. Have people noticed a drop in PQ going to Charter? I'm sick of the subpar dish picture quality so may give charter a try. Just don't know what the chances are it is any better.
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    Time Warner to Raise Rates (Again), Adds 'Broadcast TV' Fee

    I don't like fee increases but I like the fact it is listed as a separate fee online item. Now if they would do that for all channels that would be great. Let people see where their monthly bill goes.
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    Digital Cable.

    The channel scan on your TV is for over-the-air signals from an antenna. You will need to connect an antenna to the RF input on your TV and then do a scan. Some cable companies pass some local digital channels through unencrypted, so you can try splitting the coax coming out the wall and run...
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    Does combining OTA antenna and Satellite signal degrade signal quality?

    Right, I guess the point I was trying to make is you may degrade or lower the signal, but that does not affect PQ until your signal drops so much that it is no longer high enough to get a picture without any breakups. OTA HD signals would be the same way. Analog OTA signals would be a...
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    Does combining OTA antenna and Satellite signal degrade signal quality?

    But we're talking digital signals here, so as long as you get a picture on the TV the PQ will not be any better or worse no matter which way you do it. Right?