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    GEOSATpro SL2-Bullet LNBF - Review

    Thanks Iceberg, I've been away a long time so I'm slowly catching up on threads. Any dish that I add would be a max of 1M so I'll rule this out. I'm also not handy enough to do customized modifications. It would be nice to have G18 and AMC21 together but it's not a huge issue considering the...
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    GEOSATpro SL2-Bullet LNBF - Review

    Any thoughts on whether this might work for sats 2-degrees apart on a 1M dish? I'm thinking to put up a second non-motorized dish this summer and if I could get G18 and AMC21 on one dish that would be king!
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    Legacy 500 LNB work for FTA?

    Anything is possible, why not give it a try? I've heard of that combo on a 20" dish, but 18" might be pushing it.
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    Legacy 500 LNB work for FTA?

    They're typically referred to as a 'monoblock' and as was mentioned, they don't offer much in the realm of FTA. Considering your signature shows that you have a Dish500 pointing at 110/119 then must be using one already. 110/119 are the only satellites worth pointing at with a monoblock for...
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    Mobile Fta Someday???

    Ha ha, that's funny. Where can I get me one of those? ;)
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    I don't mean to brag...

    While we're keeping things positive, I thought I'd throw in a few comments. I was reading a book about Ansel Adams that I got for my birthday (15th birthday + 21 years of experience) and I learned that he started taking landscape pictures at around 14 years old. I doubt he went around...
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    How to scan channel from 22k switch with 06 sattelites

    It's like CSI meets FTA, I can't wait to find out who the murderer is... er, nevermind :p
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    Pansat 9200 review?

    I recall from the Dr. Dish review a while back that he stated channel changes were not to swift. I'd like to hear your opinion once you're up an running.
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    Why wont 18 inch dish work for FTA?

    Wow, great response. Welcome to SatelliteGuys! It's a wonder that the DTH companies can take a multi-million dollar satellites, spend millions to launch them into orbit and then charge a similar price as other providers (cable company, etc) to make up their ROI. Any thoughts on why some...
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    Is there FTV (free to view) in North America?

    And unfortunately too late to the trough because the other 'hogs' are already eating up all the food.
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    Why wont 18 inch dish work for FTA?

    I'd like to rehash Mike's question a bit. Is a satellite high-powered by design (e.g. more expensive to build), or is because they burn more energy (solar only?) and therefore have a shorter lifespan? Obviously what I'm getting at here is, what's to stop non-subscriber satellites from being as...
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    Pansat 9200HD PVR Update

    I have a Series1 TiVo that I'm not using any more because I got a PVR with my cable subscription. I've keep planning to connect it to my FTA system and get it to record day and night. Then I'd purposely leave it on a channel that I wouldn't regularly watch to find out if there's something good...
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    Pansat 9200HD connections on the back

    Good luck bud :) I'm sure there's an excellent truck performance board out there just waiting for you. :up
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    A little tip!

    Ha, sweet. I guess going from memory is not one of my strong points :) Probably an indication that it's not a channel I watch regularly either.
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    A little tip!

    Here's another perspective. FTA is like a wrapped gift; a big part of the excitement is not actually what's inside the wrapping, but the anticipation of finding out what it is. When you scan in AMC-4 for the first time and see AGHAPY show up in your channel list, you can discover for...
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    How many here have alot of time for FTA ?

    Just became a father 5 months ago, work full-time and also fairly heavily involved at church. Also in the middle of home renovations and I have another passion with photography. Happy to be an FTA'r though even if there's not always the time for it :)
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    Pansat 9200HD connections on the back

    I don't think anyone here needs to feel guilty about asking a simple question or two to validate that the person asking is not seeking hack advice. If the person if truly interested in FTA, then it will become apparent right away. I can see now that this person was likely sincere, but...
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    Pansat 9200HD connections on the back

    Which satellite are you pointing at? The only free HD channel in the Ku band is PBS HD on AMC-3 (87W).
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    What receivers blindscan the arc?

    That's too bad. I get a kick out of this board because we're all looking for that illusive IRD that does everything perfectly. The problem is that our FTA requirements are so multi-facited, from blindscan abilities to sensitivity threshholds to HD to 4:2:2 to PVR functionality, that the...
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    Low threshold receivers

    Hyper, Welcome to SatelliteGuys! That was quite the answer for coming out of nowhere. So I'm curious, what's your background in sat?