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  1. Matt9876

    DirecTV could lose G4 (Removed 11-1)

    I 100% agree with you,A huge loss of quality TV for all the wrong reasons.
  2. Matt9876

    Eastern Arc

    The Eastern Arc rocks if you can get the upgrade,MPEG4 HD and SD expect 24 month commitment,$95 min upgrade fee if no protection plan or min $15 with protection plan,equipment cost varies 922,722 etc.. I started out with Dish on the eastern arc with a VIP 211K,added the USB2.0 external hard...
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    TV Recommendation

  4. Matt9876

    Football Tailgate Help With Required Equipment

    Many new phase III conversions built this year the only complaint I get are from the ones that have a standard slimline 3 LNB and leave the receivers BBC(s) at home. Happy tailgating.:)
  5. Matt9876

    What is the cheapest plan to keep the DVR?

    Although Dish doesn't consider it a DVR because it doesn't have the second satellite tuner,Getting the external hard drive for the 211 or 211k and paying the $40 one time fee is an excellent choice to reduce the cost involved in having a Dish HD DVR. All I can say it works great for me,I also...
  6. Matt9876

    Echostar 15 at 61.5W - Post your signals!

    This before and after average of the transponders was made using a VIP 211k and 1000.4 Dish 37801 on clear conditions. Aug 2-2010 average on 15 transponders = 55 Aug 8-2010 average on 15 transponders = 63 That is an average gain of 8 points per transponder, I was expecting a little more with...
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    Nascar Dish Cover

    That was cool,I use Google for almost everything but had not seen that before.:)
  8. Matt9876

    HD pix qual D* vs E*

    Here we go again,I'm a E* HD customer and think they do a good job with HD but the facts are D* has Ka band satellites and a truck load of capacity to do HD better.
  9. Matt9876

    setting up 1000.4 with a vip211

    I would put aluminum foil over the 72-77 double cap and get the 61.5 signal perfect first,watch transponder 14 on 61.5 get it as high as possible. also hook receiver to port # 3 for default 61.5 reception, port 1 =77,port 2 =72,port 3 =61.5,port4 =LNB In. You really need a meter to do a...
  10. Matt9876

    Can someone clear this up for me?

    No you can do a 34 switch and two lines to the receiver or use the powered 44 switch and use only one line to the receiver.
  11. Matt9876

    DISH HD Migration off of 61.5

    I see this as a huge job opportunity,Here in the east Tn mountain areas line of site issues are a huge obstacle, changing customers from western to eastern arc or even hitting a different orbital slot is a massive under taking. Since the 129 bird isn't an option in 9 out of 10 location around...
  12. Matt9876

    DISH HD Migration off of 61.5

    This is going to be a Dish disaster for east Tenn,I've spent four full years setting up wing dishes for 61.5 so people can get locals in HD and all the other HD channels at that location. Many of the setups are 110,119,129,61.5 or 110,119,61.5 or 61.5 only. The 129 bird is nearly impossible to...
  13. Matt9876

    Echostar 15 at 61.5W - Post your signals!

    This is a before and after signal readings for 61.5 E3 to E15 Receiver: (211k) Area: (37801 Maryville Tn) Weather: (Clear) Dish: (1000.4) Time/Date:3PM 8-2-10 and 9AM 8-5-10 TP 2: 48 60 TP 4: 48 65 TP 8: 60 57 TP 10: 52 66 TP 14: 68 73 TP 19: 60 56 TP 20: 54 59 TP 21: 48 68 TP 22: 53 63 TP 25...
  14. Matt9876

    Clark Howard fires DishNetwork.....

    Note to Dish:If you would like to make your company more profitable please stop harassing your paying customers !
  15. Matt9876

    Echostar 15 at 61.5W - Post your signals!

    I will post a before and after Receiver: (211k) Area: (37801 Maryville Tn) Weather: (Clear) Dish: (1000.4) Time/Date:3PM 8-2-10 TP 2: 48 TP 4: 48 TP 8: 60 TP 10: 52 TP 14: 68 TP 19: 60 TP 20: 54 TP 21: 48 TP 22: 53 TP 25: 54 TP 27: 52 TP 28: 65 from TP 24 TP 29: 61 TP 30: 54 TP 31: 53
  16. Matt9876

    Finally canceled E* today

    Either the economy is improving or Charlie is messing up big time.:) It's all those stupid fees they started charging....
  17. Matt9876

    dish equipment verification teams...what do they ask.

    Sound like a real mess to me,I don't get the part where a company has a department of employees that they pay to turn off paying accounts. Rule are rules I guess but :rant:
  18. Matt9876

    Dish 811 Box

    Another trick I've learned if the unit isn't working on off the air channels due to expired time issues even on a closed account,If you connect a telephone line to the unit for 24 hours it will automatically fix the basic OTA functions. This works on Dish and the older DirecTV HD equipment.
  19. Matt9876

    Echostar 15 launch update

    I like all this talk about adding 2 additional new birds to the eastern arc,I plan to be connected to Dishnetworks EA for the foreseeable future,The new high powered E15 bird should go online any day now at 61.5 I've been on the eastern arc for 6 months now and the service has been for the most...
  20. Matt9876


    I've had both HD services Dish HD on a modern plasma display is amazingly good. I'm on a 42" 600Hz scan Panasonic plasma and the picture looks perfect.:)