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    How is everyone doing today? I've installed both fixed and motorized FTA systems using the FTA receiver meter,and a portable tv next to the dish. Do you guys think its quicker to find satellite signals using a Sat HERO SH200 ?
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    GEOSATpro New microHD Firmware Release: GSPMHD_20130626 Available for USB and Satellite Update (OTA-SSU) 06/26

    Satelliteav Due to your continues support, the GEOSAT Brand of receivers are one of the best Fta receivers to have. Thanks
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    Enter To Win: GEOSATpro microHD FTA Receiver

    I would love to have a microhd for 2013
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    AZBOX Anyone turning OFF the fan on the AZBox P+?

    If I"m not using the azbox, I pick the shut down option on the remote and then turn it off using the switch on the back of the receiver. I don't want to take a chance on damaging the expensive receiver by turning the fan off using the remote option.fu
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    Funny things folks have said about your FTA system

    When I was installing my 7.5 mesh C-Band dish, my neighbors started calling me crazy guy
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    Azbox Power Supply

    You can order a new power supply at Ricks satellite at
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    Fixed to motor

    The best thing to due is to aim true south with theMotorized ku dish, then pick the sat with the closest longitudeto your location. Use the list that has strong TP for aiming aMotorized and fixed dish. Enter lat & long info in receiverWhen the dish stops play with elevation and azmuth. After you...
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    4:2:2 on the MicroHD in the future?

    Question to satelliteAv Dear satelliteav, it's great to have an HD stb that has direct support in North America.Do you think after the Micro HD project, that you can create an HD stb that does Dvb-s,Dvb-s2, and 4:2:2 without support for youTub,Plug-ins, and all the multimedia junk that the...
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    Satellite AV Contest - GEOSATpro microHD - Enter to Win - Drawing on 6/11/2012

    In the summer, me and my dad went fishing a lot. Those times will always be remembered.
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    Help with azbox premium+ stuck on booting

    Just load the official firmware to a usb memory stick and rename it as patch. Just patch no bin. Then load it in the stb. The azbox will see it.
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    Can someone please give me an active TP frequency for some C-band satellites

    How is everyone today? Since satellite tp frequencies come and go. Can someone please give me an active Tp for: 137W AMC-7C 139W AMC-8C 135W AMC-10C 105W AMC-18C 121W G23C ,and 72W AMC 6C. Thanks ahead of time. I'm trying to locate this C-band satellites.
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    Maybe they didn't get enough complaints. You never know Iceberg, We can never under estimate the power of the consumer.
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    How is everyone doing today? The Azboxes blind scan super slow as you all know. Azbox corporation based in portugal need to know that. whenever you guys have time go to www.AZBOX.COM go under the heading marked support. You'll need the serial number of the Azbox that your using, which is...
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    AzBox Premium+ observations after 6 months

    typing error I just save all the satellite positions on my v-box instead of the Azbox ultra to avoid east limit problems.
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    The LNB was moved to the 3 0'clock position ( centered). I'll work on better aligning the system.
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    How is Everyone doing today? My latitude is 26.4N, Longitude 81.4W .I used the Declination Angle Chart at www.Geo while pointing at Zenith Angle (true south) the elevation was set to 26, Declination set 30. I then adjusted elevation to locate true south satellite. I located my true...
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    question for azbox

    If you upload the 9.5308 soft ware it has all of the non corrupt north american satellite lists. Just go to the website upload the 9.5308 firmware to a usb drive and rename it as PATCH. BIN, and the azbox should be able to see it.
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    Trying to lock on AMC3 87.OW

    Thanks everyone for the info.
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    Trying to lock on AMC3 87.OW

    Greetings everyone, My C-band satellite dish was aimed at G16 99C for a long time. Now I bought a Powermax v-box & actuator to motorize the system. My latitude is 26.4N, and Longitude is 81.4w. I'm using the Modified Polar Mount chart on ,and Fat Air: How to for a polar mount...