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  1. sideswiper

    Diamond 9000HD PVR Review

    Still use my Diamond 9000 have to use NDF editor program to enter S2 feeds on USB stick then put them into the 9000
  2. sideswiper

    4dtv receiver located in Norwalk, CA

    $150 is a little steep for a 4dtv i picked mine up for $100 two years ago
  3. sideswiper

    Are 4DTV Receivers still in Demand?

    still use my 922 as it is about half the price i pay for my bell sub, also the programming is better on the 922 then my bell sub i will use it till it dies
  4. sideswiper

    SkyVision Updated Programming List.....????

    You got that right, i share a Bell sub with my 4 neighbors and it cost us $25 dollars a month each as i like to have my local news/weather and that is not a very good package but does include TSN and TSN2 (canadas ESPN) for Nascar Races. I will sub my 4DTV till the end i only sub to W5 Super Pak...
  5. sideswiper

    The Kill Hit

    I was going to switch from Bell to Shaw but when i found out that Shaw uses Motorola units i said no way Motorola getting anything from me. Thanks for all the work that you do Tvropro. I wish you would get a Pay Pal feature for donations on your 4DTV online site as i really do not like to use my...
  6. sideswiper

    dsr 920

    I just emailed you
  7. sideswiper

    dsr 920

    I tried PMing you about the power supply and got the same message, so there must be a problem with the pm feature. Also i will not be able to find out about shippping cost till Wed. as the post offices are closed till then
  8. sideswiper

    dsr 920

    I tried to pm a member yesturday and got the same message. I have had no trouble pming other members here before and i am no member of any usergroup ( donot even know what that means)?????
  9. sideswiper

    dsr 920

    I have a power supply for a 920 but i live in ontario canada do not know how much shipping would be but if reasonable i would give you the power supply if you payed for the shippping. Pm me your address and zip code and tomorrow when the post office is open i will check on how much it is to ship it
  10. sideswiper

    The Kill Hit

    I just unhooked my 922 until things smooth out
  11. sideswiper

    Which Pack Will You Pick??

    Give Roger a call at in Quebec he will email you his 4Dtv programming packages I sub to the W5 Super Pak with him
  12. sideswiper

    Don't Believe NPS about C band support ending.

    Sounds like a broken record to me, same crap over and over LOL You would think if you didnt reply by the 3rd call that your not intrested in their crappy Dishnetwork service
  13. sideswiper

    The Kill Hit

    I think i will unhook the coaxial cable on the 25th and leave it unhooked till the 5th( my sub runs out on Jan. 20th) i will miss my 922 but i do not want Motorola doing anything stupid either. The 922 is more spot on as a dish mover than my V-box. I will just have to settle with my crappy Bell...
  14. sideswiper

    Manufacture Date

    When the battery in the GI or Motorola 4DTV receiver dies then the receiver will no longer function. The battery has a finite life. It is important to know the DOM for your receiver. This can be determined by analysis of the serial number. The date is embedded in the unit serial number for all...
  15. sideswiper

    The Kill Hit

    Wonder how well that Herman's pizzia sub works when it's pissin down rain????, my bell sub dies on me, but the 4Dtv doesn't miss abeat. Maybe that why they make them as a pvr's so when it rains atleast you can watch something that you recorded,very thoughtful of Dish LOL
  16. sideswiper

    Which Pack Will You Pick??

    I have subed to the W5 Super Pak for about a year now and will continue
  17. sideswiper

    Sat W5

    there is discovery home, discovery health, discovery times(ID) and discovery kids on W5 sat
  18. sideswiper

    NPS G3 thats it

    I quit using NPS 9 months ago, no way i was going to give my money to a company that is out to destroy c band
  19. sideswiper

    Best fta receiver for c band

    I am going to get a AZbox Ultra, seems to be the best unit that does about everything for the price
  20. sideswiper

    The Future, The Truth, 4DTV, 410

    lithium batteries will hold a steady voltage through out their life and will just die all of a sudden, so it was great that you changed them when you did as all 920's should be near the end of their battery life by now. i will sub to W5 as long as i can as my bell sub sucks and just use it for...