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    DP Ku FSS lnb

    eBay. Why would you want that? 121 is only used for business purposes now.
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    Vizio 42inch Lcd Dishnetwork Remote Code

    Any and every Sony TV is code 500. All other manufacturers could take a lesson from that. :p
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    DPP Twin on a 1000.2 Dish

    I will bet you $2 a Twin won't fit on the 1000.2 W-bracket. I vaguely remember trying something like that before. Time to break out the old-school but equivalent Dish 1000!
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    Wanting to add third receiver

    Yes, a 1000.2 dish and LNB is the same thing as a DPP33, only with no external switches needed. It has 3 output for up to 6 tuners and you can even add a fourth orbital location if you need in the future! Basically a direct swap of your 500 dish and it just aims a touch to the west of your 500...
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    Two remotes to control TV2

    Not exactly sure, but I think the 6.2 operates on pro band A. By default, I believe the 21.0 is on pro band B. Open the battery cover and there should be a little switch to put the 21.0 into pro band A mode. Just a shot in the dark from my memory. :)
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    Wanting to add third receiver

    NO you can NOT. It's it the DPP33 Manual. It is NOT to be used with a Twin Plus.
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    Wanting to add third receiver

    Easiest setup would be a DP Twin (NOT a Plus!!) or two DP Duals coupled with a DPP33 switch. That will allow you to run six tuners like your setup with no problems.
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    Losing 110 intermittantly late afternoon

    That's really puzzling. DPP44's come in a package including the switch AND the power inserter. DPP44 switches from Dish NEVER EVER EVER come without a power inserter. What the crap are those techs doing with them? :confused:
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    Losing 110 intermittantly late afternoon

    It will work... intermittently. I've had to get a system going that way before (4 separate condos on a ski hill) until I could get into the condo where the power inserter had come unplugged. It worked for a while... and then started getting pretty consistent, though seemingly random, signal loss.
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    Trouble Finding 61.5W Satellite

    Ah. Shows how many dishes I've had to shoot that way since the 1000 came out. :p
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    In-laws 722 installed with composite to HDTV

    D* provides a very cheap HDMI cable with their HD receivers. E* does not, and has not since the rollout of their MPEG4 receivers. Dish will not supply cables to us, their RSP. The company sells HDMI cables to the customer for $55 and $25 for HDMI and component, respectively. I sell my own...
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    Trouble Finding 61.5W Satellite

    My guess would be this: Because the Eastern Arc satellites (61.5, 72, and 77) are now strictly MPEG4 satellites, you won't pick up anything from those satellites with an MPEG2 receiver like the 501. Try repeaking the 61.5 with your 722?
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    625 only shows 100 hours?

    Your silver, flat-faced HD-DVR 622 looks like your black, curvy-faced SD-DVR 625? :confused:
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    MDU Bulk

    The cheap way: Put up 20-25 1000.2 dishes and run three DPP44's off each dish. XD The right way: DISH Network - 1.800.454.0843
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    DP Dual LNB

    This. With Dish you need to use a 500+ dish with a 500+ LNB if you want it to work right.
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    Will this work?? Can't see any Sats

    Yes, that will work just fine.
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    Adding 118.7 to a dpp44

    Don't forget to get the 500+ dish, mast, and struts also. The 500+ LNB will not work on the 500 dish.
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    adding receiver to a dish 1000

    And on your website. ;)
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    Depending on what programming it is, it *might* be true. Dish reps have an awesome reputation for misinformation though.
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    Adding 118.7 to a dpp44

    Replace your 119 dish with a 500+ dish that uses the 500+ LNB for the 119 and 118. As far as I know, that is the only Dish-approved LNB to obtain the 118. The 1F port on the LNB goes to the DPP44 for your 118, the 2D goes to your DPP44 for the 119.