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  1. Covack

    Streaming to mobile/ Edison/OpenATV

    I use the vuplus app on my Iphone for Edison and Octagon
  2. Covack

    Hava Player App

    Android now has a vlc/remote app out wonder if we could stream our hava's now to our android device's using 3g. testube works fine with wifi , but I get freezing, constantly using 3G remotely
  3. Covack

    Hava Player App

    You that have a hava player and want to view your feeds using your android phone, (I use one on my azbox) I haven't tested the remote yet picture looks great on my HTC Desire
  4. Covack

    Joined the droids today...

    thanks guys I will try to learn some more about it, this weekend , while I'm off
  5. Covack

    Joined the droids today...

    Well, if i would have looked, it had a 2gb in it The Guy I bought it from, said he took it out OH well MSmith or anybody I downloaded slingapp, I have access to 3 slingboxes, How do i add them I cant find the add button I have my home one , but that is all
  6. Covack

    Joined the droids today...

    I got my first android today (pretty Slick) It is a used HTC desire It didn't come with a sd card not sure,why I waited so long to get a android are there a lot of free apps to download I thought , I might need a sd card before , I do lot of downloading
  7. Covack

    Need Coolsat Pro Loader v2.4

    Jim PM me Your email, I will send it to You, in a zipper folder
  8. Covack

    arc set

    I bought one from Him about 5 years ago, works great I just used it last week, on my niece's 10', I found for her tracking in no time
  9. Covack


    there are 2 or 3 4dtv recievers on craiglist in Houston TX this person is offering them for free if any of you live in that area I emailed Him, to see if he would ship to Mississippi, if i paid shipping and some boot, I got no...
  10. Covack

    hdmi not working

    on my phillips plasma I have all of azbox outputs, hooked up but when I do a firmware update, the hdmi becomes corrupted (all green) or something, usually I power the Tv off and on, and I'm good to go
  11. Covack

    Slingplayer 2.0 is out for WinMo

    thanks guys for the heads up on the upgrade I'm going to stay right where I am slingbox on the dishnet and My hava on my azbox they both look great, on my HTC Ozone
  12. Covack

    How many FTA receivers do you have active?

    AZbox-Elite Vantage-1100 Traxis-3500 Precision TT3200-pci Dvbtech 8psk Adapter-Usb I polled 4 recievers I forgot about my pci and usb units
  13. Covack

    Espn 360

    Do any of You, watch ESPN 360, on verizion network phone I tried logging in with my username an password, but login fails I tried with pie and skyfire, no luck
  14. Covack

    Http streaming and the Azbox

    brent are You streaming your own content,say a video or maybe shoutcast tv, using vlc to the azbox just curious
  15. Covack

    Http streaming and the Azbox

    Are the http streams still active I was attempting to get this working, the http streams show up in my channel list, but that is about it.
  16. Covack

    htc- developing new application for wifi hotspot

    wmwifirouter works great on my ozone, I'm still using the trial but i'm going to buy it here is a link WMWifiRouter - Welcome it has a good signal for a hotspot
  17. Covack

    motorola dsr 922 I think I got a good one for 20.00 with no remote.

    thats sounds like a great deal to me I lucked up, and got one for $25.00 off craigslist last year and the battery, was still good in it also Mouser electonics has a battery for about $15.00 or so shipped, If You need the battery number let Me know
  18. Covack

    Post what phone you use

    HTC Ozone Wm 6.5
  19. Covack

    Contest: Satellite AV Sample of the Week 10.19.2009

    My Perfect 10 can track from AMC-8 to Intelsat 1R this was rare snow picture, I took of my dish here in Mississippi
  20. Covack

    Free Sample Of the Week Satellite AV - Ends 9.9.2009

    thanks for another free sample I'm signed up