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  1. RoyW

    Quick Poll

    No, I can care less because my wife truly enjoys the one international channel we subscribe to along with one public information channel that comes along free with our regular subscription. I'm more then satisfied with the current prime time shows I watch in HD both off the air and off the...
  2. RoyW

    just the german package?

    Back when we initially subscribed to "E" we opted for one international channel for $25(TV Japan) and the additional access fee was $5, to the best of my knowledge it remains at only $5 to this day. Our total bill now however is well above $100 a month because over the years we couldn't resist...
  3. RoyW

    Finally getting a Dish DVR on Saturday. Do I need a phone jack nearby?

    If your getting a dual tuner DVR you'll be charged an extra $5 a month if you don't connect a phone line, and or ethernet connection if the receiver is a Vip622 or 722.
  4. RoyW

    Lost one local channel to a pink screen

    I actually lost KFMB 8 to a pink screen for a short time last night also. They were the first to go HD with their local news programming but I guess as you've said they are experiencing problems at this point. I keep waiting to end up with an hour of pink screen on one of my KFMB 8 prime time...
  5. RoyW

    Lost one local channel to a pink screen

    That's interesting because it was channel 8 that I had lost and of course our other two receivers were picking it up as SD. Thank you for sharing the information.
  6. RoyW

    Lost one local channel to a pink screen

    Here is a new for for me anyway, last night I attempted to tune into one of my local channels and received a pink screen off our Vip622. I checked with our other two receivers a 625 and 301 and they both picked up the local channel without a problem. I then attempted to pick up the pink...
  7. RoyW

    does the vip622 use a smart card?

    I can't say that my self install of a 1000.2 went as easily as all the other dishes I've put up over the years but with a little help from folks like RandallA I was able to get it locked onto all three satellites.
  8. RoyW

    OTA Antenna Recommendations?

    I've had good luck using the Terk HDTVi inside antenna with my computer for picking up local HD programming. I am however using their outside antenna with my Vip622
  9. RoyW

    port 4 on dish 1000.2 coax length

    In accordance with the installation instructions for the 1000.2 "The cable length between the DISH 1000.2 and a connected compatible LNBF must be 80 feet or less".
  10. RoyW

    International Channel Prices

    The cable provider in my neighborhood does not carry TV Japan. Every time they attempt to offer me service I bring this up and that's the end of the conversation. AT&T on the other hand does offer TV Japan through their newly activated U-verse service, for $25 a month I might add. Unfortunately...
  11. RoyW

    International Channel Prices

    Would you care to elaborate on which providers have TV Japan priced at less then $25 a month.
  12. RoyW

    International Channel Prices

    We have been paying $25 a month for one(1) International channel for just over nine years so I fully understand what your saying. My only surprise is that they haven't attempted to raise their price in all these years.
  13. RoyW

    Controlling HD picture with UHF remote

    If your using your Vip622 in single mode then of course your UHF remote already controls TV1 so it isn't a problem. What we are addressing here is folks that want to run their Vip622 in dual mode and be able to control TV1 with a UHF remote.
  14. RoyW

    Dish'n it up question

    The four tuner limit is for leased receivers only, if you own the two(2) 211's it wouldn't be a problem. Personally I lease a Vip622 and 625 for a total of four tuners however I also have an old 301 I own on my account.
  15. RoyW

    Controlling HD picture with UHF remote

    Believe me switching to UHF for TV1 is a very much supported feature, its just not listed in the menu like some of the other receivers. The minute you replace the green IR tab with the green 1UHF Pro tab and follow the instructions I posted earlier it shifts. At that point under "System Info"...
  16. RoyW

    Controlling HD picture with UHF remote

    To be honest after purchasing the new remote on line I simply installed the "UHF Pro" tab and couldn't get it to work. Then of course I read the little manual with the instructions and after following then it worked like a charm.
  17. RoyW

    Controlling HD picture with UHF remote

    When I ran into this problem I simply ordered a 6.3 UHF/IR Remote Kit (For All DISH DVRs) and inserted the green "UHF Pro" tab. At that point I had to read the little manual that came with it because the Vip622 doesn't display the shift function in its menu like our 625. It requires you to turn...
  18. RoyW

    Best OTA Antenna Options (can't use roof or attic)?

    I'm using a Terk HDTVi to pull in HD locals on my computer and its priced about the same as the Phillips and looks similar. I attempted to use one with my Vip622 but ended up using a Terk roof mounted antenna because it seems to work better with the satellite receiver although I'm not sure why.
  19. RoyW

    Leased DVR 625 - mininum programming?

    When I first subscribed to Dish all I had was one international channel that cost $25 but Dish added an additional $5 to my bill up until I subscribed to one of their regular packages in addition to the international program. I'm not sure what the exact name of that $5 fee was but I seem to...
  20. RoyW

    Should I buy a 1000.2?

    You probably need to add an I-Adaptor to your list to facilitate attaching a Dish Pro LNBF to your 500 dishes arm.