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    ku hunting

    That might work but then it wouldn't get the FP channels anymore, right? I'm pretty sure that only the commercial receivers retain the fixed key across a reset.
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    Still unable to get green light on DSR 905

    The system configuration screen is meant to be hidden. That's why there's no menu item for it. At the "change system settings" screen type 778 and it will appear like magic. You can also go to the advanced status screen by hitting zero instead of 778, from which you can get lots of (cryptic)...
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    C2 Polarities...again.

    I think a Pico Macom SPI-14/18-2150 power inserter would cover the second two requirements. Does that sound right?
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    Looking 4 Cband T.P. info please

    I'm getting a solid signal on a Fortec 90cm with a prime focus scalar and a cheesy little homemade LNB bracket. I originally put the dish up a few weeks ago thinking I might be able to get NASA TV at 137W, but as you're aware that never had a snowball's chance in L.A. of working :D Have you...
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    Looking 4 Cband T.P. info please

    I'm watching SportsTime Ohio SD right now at 121W. It's so strong that even a 75cm dish could probably get it. Lyngsat has it right: 3707H, 5.632Msps. If you move it back to the last satellite that it was working on, does it still work? That would narrow down the possible problems a whole lot...
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    How to program W5 into DSR 905

    I have a 410, in good condition with intact Unit ID. Wanna trade? I don't have the remote but I think your 905 remote will work (someone correct me if I'm wrong). PM me if interested.
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    Group Buy: GEOSATpro C2 LNBF $13.00!!!

    I'm in for two and one bracket. Thanks!
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    Strange Freq

    The installation manual is available here. C is on port 1 and Ku is on port 2.
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    Pas-7/10 c Band

    As Lak7 said, if the dish doesn't move and it is pointed at Telstar-10, you can only watch channels on Telstar-10. Sorry.
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    Pas-7/10 c Band

    The receiver's LNB setting should probably be C-band (it's unlikely that you have an OCS LNB, but even if you do the LNB will still work for one polarity). I'm not familiar with that specific receiver, but a zero signal reading probably means that the LNB isn't connected to it properly. There...
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    Pas-7/10 c Band

    The problem could be one or more of many things: - Incorrect settings on the receiver. Is the Local Oscillator (LO) setting on the receiver set to C-band (5150 MHz)? If there are any switches between the receiver and dish you will need to enter the appropriate settings into the receiver. -...
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    Pas-7/10 c Band

    I don't think that's the right frequency. Try 4034 V 19559 or 4173 V 3000. Check Intelsat 7/10 at LyngSat for a complete list of channels. Those aren't C-band. You need a universal Ku LNB for those.
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    please i need some help

    That receiver looks like a Pansat clone, probably either a 2500a or 2700a. The manuals are here. It looks like it can control a servo without much trouble, but you'll still need a v-box or g-box to control the actuator.
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    DSR410 and other channel maps?

    Thanks for the info Iceberg! I've tried that procedure three times now and the light turns green when I select "scan", but channel 200 never shows up. Probably needs a master reset but I'm hesitant to do things that can't be undone. When I get some free time I'll look through the diagnostic...
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    DSR410 and other channel maps?

    I've been trying for some time now to get the miscellaneous fixed-key/zero-key DC-II channels like that, but no luck so far. I thought about changing the satellite setting to one that has a channel with the necessary frequency and SR, but it seems to be stuck on X4. There's so little info about...
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    White Springs on 129.0W Question.

    Same thing here. It used to come in at about 95 quality, but now average quality is about 13, which is worse than what I used to get on a Dish 500 with a linear LNB held on with scotch tape (I got up to 55 with that!) I think something must be wrong with White Springs' uplink or the transponder...