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    I've "moved" but want to add receivers...

    Just tell them everything must go through your billing address
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    Can I still activate my old 522?

    I have an old 522 can I activate it? Or was this one of the receivers that was involved in the Tivo suit......
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    CIEL 2 Launch Delayed

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    NYC/Boston Going Spot. Are you a mover?

    I pulled the trigger I am going to make the switch to Directv. I need my NY HD locals!
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    NYC/Boston Going Spot. Are you a mover?

    well if you get a hundreds of people canceling there $150 a month plan to go to directv to get the locals they want it's not going to stop the spot beamage but it is going to shrink there subscriber count and revenues...
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    NYC/Boston Going Spot. Are you a mover?

    well when I "moved" last year they messed up and I was getting both LA and NYC locals. I still have the LA in HD so I guess until they realize I have both or they take NYC SD channels of conus I won't move back.......... yet
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    Commission determines cause of AMC14 Breeze M Failure

    I think it was sabotaged by the patent holder of some obscure satellite patent that dish was in violation of...
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    Ny Locals going to spot?

    Anyone know If NY NY locals are going to go to spot beam anytime soon? I really don't want to have to "move" back west.
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    Health & Human Services To Launch Today

    When are they going to actually give us a channel that a majority of people want? They do these niche channels that nobody cares about. Give us some RSNHD, or mainstream television.
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    SatelliteGuys Rumor Cental - Price Increase

    whats up with those numbers? 100, 200 and 250? Is there any rhyme or reason? or is that the new monthly fee
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    SatelliteGuys Rumor Cental - Price Increase

    they are going to add another useless shopping channel, so the can give the package a "New" name so they can justify a "new" higher price
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    LA Locals Going Spot Beam TONIGHT

    how come they didnt move the HD locals to a spot?
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    Spot Beam question so according to this map San Diego and Los Angeles are on the same spot?
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    Spot Beam question

    How far does the footprint of a spotbeam extend outside of its intended dma?
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    LA Locals Going Spot Beam TONIGHT

    Having "moved" to NY looks like I am going to have to "move"again. lets say i was in the city of Temecula California about 10-15 miles inside the range for LA locals. And about 10-15 miles out of the range of where I would qualify for San Diego Locals. If San Diego was in a spot would I be able...
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    Letter from Congressman

    i got the same letter from rep. Mary Bono
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    NY Locals

    Can i just change the service address and keep the billing address the same? If I keep the phone line plugged in with a california number and a new york address would this send up a red flag?
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    NY Locals

    what about the audit police i here about? when and why would my receiver dial out?
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    NY Locals

    So I guess i just call and tell them i moved and brought my own equipment and they wont give me any problems? they are not going to require an install?