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    good signal,poor reception on g-3

    I have the same problem....95W C Band both TPs 70% quality 4040 H 1110 ---->Black 4167 V 0983 ---->Image very good BSC621-2 conected direct to Pansat 2500a Thanks in advance......
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    Problem with Uniden 4400 Super

    Thanks TURBOSAT I´ll inspect the receiver again.
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    Problem with Uniden 4400 Super

    I tested with RF and RCA cables already. Isn`t the connections with TV. The problem is in the receiver, maybe is blocked... and I don`t know how unblock it. Maybe a reset for Hardware....but how Thanks
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    Problem with Uniden 4400 Super

    Hi Guys: I have a Pansat 2500a with a BUD 10 foots, lnbf BSC621-2, moving manually. Installed myself. I got a receiver Uniden 4400 Super to move it ,but when I want program it, No Video, No Menu Installation en TV (only distorsions) I can see the SAT, Channel ( G5 17) in its lights...