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    Help with SL3 SWM Dish Pointing Problem

    I have a SL3 SWM dish installed on my house and am trying to come up with a portable setup for my RV. I have a used slimline dish. I purchased a new SL3S SWM LNB with the power inserter and 4-way splitter. I also purchased a ASL-1 Alignment Signal Locator and a Digisat III Pro signal meter. I...
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    Newbe RV HD Question

    We are midwesterners who snowbird in our RV to the southwest for about 5 months in the winter and we take our Directv SD receiver and an 18 in dish for our remote TV reception. Recently we upgraded to HD at our home and they installed the new SL3S SWM dish and we have (1) SD receiver and (1) HD...