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    Two More Reasons You Gotta Love Cablevision

    yea, i posted that story and its such bs, cv sux.....just add the channel, its been way to long.
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    Fox v. Cablevision: STAGGERING increases!

    i heard that time warner has an agreement with fox that if fox signs a lesser contract with another provider, then time warner gets that price also, anyone know anything about this?
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    nfl network

    oh my!!!!!!!!!!!....finally!!!!!!!!!!!!! Radio Business Report/Television Business Report - Voice of the Broadcasting Industry :):D:):D:):D
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    CV will be beta testing new samsung all in one boxes shortly. Not sure of the specs, but anything is better than the SA boxes they have now.
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    Channel 795 SPTSH

    It was supposed to be the tennis channel, i dont know what happened, did negotiations break down?
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    Summer Debut for Cablevision Network DVR

    LOL......40 seconds to get a movie?????..... if thats too long, take a trip to blockbuster then. If a customer decides to get this new service, all they would have to do is get a dvr remote, cv is not handing out regular box remotes any longer, only dvr remotes....go swap a box at an optimum...
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    Summer Debut for Cablevision Network DVR

    All boxes will be able to use this feature, doesnt matter if its a dvr or not, you will be using the ondemand buttons for this. This is implemented using a simple code push wherein you will notice that your boxes will reboot in the middle of the night. The commercial problem is trying to be...
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    Cablevision goes HD crazy!

    can anyone confirm this?
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    Strange Cable Modem Issue

    if your lock box with your tap is right outside your window, and you have all new cable wires, I can pretty much guarantee you your signal is too many tvs in the apt?
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    Web modem tele light

    when the telephone light blinks, it means one of 2 things: There is either a short on the line, which could be from using the phone, or a bad telephone wire, or a short in the modem itself, or; You put in a request to order optimum voice, the phone light blinks that it is ready to be...
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    I/O Digital Box

    You need to set up a trouble call, your low band frequencies are shot.
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    Tuning Adapters?

    ummmm, just exactly what are you referring to here?....a tuning adapter for the digital switchover?.....You wont need one, cv is taking care of the switch on there end.
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    Slow Internet

    FYI, the problem is system wide for people with boost services, they are working on it at the headends, and it "should" be fixed in 2-3 weeks.
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    NEW DVR Features

    I stand corrected, the info I recieved was when there werent that many HD channels yet, bravo mr forrest.
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    NEW DVR Features

    while i agree the dvr 8300 hd sucks big squirrel nuts, i can tell you from headend knowledge that for every frequency there are 2 hd channels put into the bandwidth. There are however a few exceptions, TBS HD is one channel that has 3 maybe 4 channels in their respective frequency......however...
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    Cartoon Network (Family Guy)

    pull out the cable card and make sure it isnt burnt out on the opposite side of the chip....if not, then changing the fittings and splitters in the house would fix it.
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    TV splitter with manual switch?

    an a/b switch is not going to solve your the wiring old or newer cable?
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    TV splitter with manual switch?

    sounds to me like you either have a splitter with a bad port, or the line going to the tv is the tvs have boxes???? long is the line going to the bad tv, and to the good tv?
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    not showing entire screen on my hdtv?

    with you cablebox off, hold down info and guide until the hd setup wizard starts, configure the settings to what you want......i have only 1080, and the two 480p's in green.....then turn on your tv, and hit settings on the remote twice, go to format picture, then select pass through for...
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    Sci Atlanta 4200 boxes picky?

    hold down the select button on the boxes until the mail light flashes on the box.......then press info, scroll the pages using the volume buttons.....this will bring you to a diagnostics screen, any freguency under -10 or above 10 is not cable specifications, you may just need a new line from...