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    Adding Second Dish for 119

    Easy to install There is not all that mystery about installing a slimline. They make it sound difficult but it isn't. Your receiver will give you all the angles needed; azimuth, elevation and tilt. Set it as close as you can until you get a high reading on the 101 sat, then adjust the tilt...
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    Having a heck of a time tuning 119.

    Hoa We don't have any HOA restrictions against the dishes where we live, but I admit that they are ugly since the color doesn't match any house that I've seen. A can of Rustoleum spray paint in a color that matches the bricks on our house has camouflaged our dishes so they can hardly be seen...
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    B Band Converter?

    What is it? I just installed an HR20-700S receiver. It seems to be working just fine. In the box were two 'B Band Converters' with a wiring diagram. There is no indication of what they do or if they are needed for all installations. Should I add them to the receiver or are they only needed...
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    Got call from D* to come back. Will have 150 HD by March!?

    New satellites for HD? Check out for a list of all scheduled launches and their payloads. I don't see any for DTV in the near future so how do they plan on providing 150 HD channels?
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    Offer codes?

    I've been a DTV subscriber for about 10 years. In attempting to upgrade on-line, I am being asked for an offer code to get a good price. How do you get offer codes? They've never made me any offers other than to pay my bill. I am looking to get a HD-DVR unit to go with the other three...
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    Tilt angle for Slimline

    Thanks doctor J! Those numbers worked great. Just had to do some slight fine tuning from there.
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    Tilt angle for Slimline

    How do I determine the rough tilt angle setting for a Slimline. I don't have an HD receiver yet but had to replace my old antenna that was damaged. Decided to install the Slimline 5LNB antenna now rather than have to replace my old one twice. I'll be going to HD in a month or two. Is there a...
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    Message 771

    I keep getting the message 'Searching for Signal on Satellite 2" . This is because I only have one cable connected to the tuner and I only want one connected. How do I tell it that I will not be connecting a second cable and how do I get rid of the message.
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    Dual LNB

    Thanks and another question. Thanks. Since I haven't moved to an HD TV yet, don't need any international programs and all the locals are currently being received, I guess there is no reason to upgrade to additional LNB's. My DVR receivers have two tuners. If I connect to both tuners, does...
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    Dual LNB

    My antenna has just a single LNB. Am I missing out on something? What are the reasons for the multiple heads on some antennae? I use a multi-switch (2x4) to operate 4 separate receivers. A couple of my receivers have two tuners. Can I install a 2x6 on my system to supply all the tuners or...
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    Remote setup

    I have a D10-300 and a Toshiba Digitial Media Server (DVR). The manual for the D10 says that the upper set of buttons on the remote can be programmed to operate a standalone DVR but then offers no codes or instructions on how to do that. Any suggestions?