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    What happened to TLN???

    2 TLN Channels are in C Band AMC1 103W TP 4081 H 7234 greetings
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    Reprogram lost channels

    Seems polarity problem.... Its polarity problem. You can watch V polarity only (2 channels). You cannot watch H polarity....the most satelite channels..
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    Reprogram lost channels

    The settigs is OK. On your The List for the Intelsat 805 C, the settings for TV CAPIXAB are: 3908 H 3255 Video Pid: 4194 Audio Pids: 4195 PCR: 4194 With this settings Im watching Capixab Quality=60....right now. July 23,2009 2pm E I live in Monterrey Mexico (57N 101W). Pansat...
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    BVN issues

    BVN is in 113W Satmex6 too 12080 H 25635
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    Adult Channels?

    I hear there is one adult channel in Sat 40W NSS..... Good luck
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    Equity channels sold.....will leave gone

    Telefutura Amarillo TX still working fine.....AC3 sound
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    CCTV issues

    sometimes happens..... I have a Pansat 2500a moved by Motor. That you says, sometimes the software that receiver have..... Download Boot60, Download Factory Bin. Delete Channels. Blind scan Thats works.... Good luck