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  1. cbcbass


    I have a dish 1000.2 triple head DPP lnb. I have an old prime star dish that I want to route into the system. Some one said you could use a dpp44 switch to do this. Would there be a conflict with the linear lnb through the 44 switch?
  2. cbcbass

    alignment issues

    I have just replaced my dish 500 with a 1000. It has the 1000.2 lnb. My zip is 30528. I have three dish pointer software but none gives me the exact Az/elevation, skew that I need. I can get the exact setting for a superdish but not this one. Is there a software out there that can give me...
  3. cbcbass

    Dishpro Plus Technicals

    I recently purchased a Dishpro plus lnb twin. I installed it per instruction sheet. It works perfectly with my legacy receiver. It does not work with my FTA receiver. Someone said the DPP operates at 750ma and the FTA has an output of 500ma. That would explain why the FTA won't power it...