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    What was your first satellite you got when you started with FTA?

    My first Sat INTELSAT-K 21.5 West on a 6 foot Disch back in 1998.
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    DW-TV now on 91W C-Band

    The reason it is not on KU band is because they want you to pay. I contacted DW once and they replied to me that you can get it in Canada and the USA over bell, roger cable, shaw cable, satelite tv. And in the USA over comcast cable and echostar dish network. They distribute the signal over all...
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    Using aMono Block and a Diseqc Switch

    How to add a 3rd Sat with a Diseqc Switch i use a Mono Block on Ses1 & G 19
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    SES-3 launch tonight, 7:16 PM EDT

    SES 3 will replace AMC 1 mid 2012
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    G19 (RT, Al Jazeera, TVR International) question.

    same here on 12152 quality 39-42 only others75-85.
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    G19 (RT, Al Jazeera, TVR International) question.

    I had observed a big drop from SQ 80 to 85 down to 39/43 SQ overthe last 3 Dats in S.W.Ontario on G19 / 12152 H / 97W on RT/Al Jazeera ectr.
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    Go to LyngSat and you will see
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    you have to go to SES_1 at 101 no more AMC 2 or 4.