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    Dishanywhere 5 user limit

    I am at my 5 user max, my phone was stolen, how do I delete the device so I can add the new device?
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    New OTA Dongle and HWS

    FYI the Hopper feature for skipping commercials DOES NOT work for timers recorded off the OTA channels
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    Installer / Installation Question

    What would be the right way and the not so right way to do the new account install? Townhouse HOA rules apply - Non-penetrating roof installation allowed on roof above 2nd story, HOA designated dish location, I have seen other dishes attached to exterior of building at roof line. Exterior...
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    Hopper HWS "Known Problem"

    it not only does it with the folder the program is in but all folder programs go into the deleted program folder within that folder. I figured it was a receiver issue but dish says they are aware of the problem so I am holding tight for a fix. I was just wondering if it is happening to others
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    Hopper HWS "Known Problem"

    Anyone else have this problem? Had HWS installed 3 weeks ago and been having this problem since day one. Dish says it is a know problem and are working on a fix. I was initially told it would be fixed Dec 4th but it wasn't now they cannot tell me when a fix will be completed. My recorded...
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    Hopper Upgrades

    pm please
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    211 with external hard drive

    All the same, but timers max at 20 timers whereas my 622 max's at around 90 timers. so we use the 622 as the primary recorder and the kids use the 211
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    New Software L267

    Thanks for your direction but after reading through 8 pages not 1 post regarding group folders
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    New Software L267

    New Software L627 & Group folders Anyone else lose the Group Folders option on the 622 and the EHD? The option is there but it's shaded and not accessable. I haven't noticed anyother differences.
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    Installation help 211 receiver

    Doing a self installation and it's not going as planned (zip 90064) Here is what I have: 3 Satellites going into a multi-dish switch dpp44 (on the left side, room for 4 inputs). A line going out from the bottom (labeled to power inverter) to a power inverter dp44 then into a dpp...
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    Connect TiVo to Dish dual-tuner

    Use Coax or Component from the Sat 1 output on the Box to the Line in on Tivo Then lineout from the Tivo to the TV set. You will need to hookup the IR remitter that came with the TIVO to the Sat box keep in mind you will only be able to record off of SAT 1 output Good Luck
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    Very Low signal on 129

    I am getting a signal in the teens (18/19) on 129. It only seems to be a problem on the new HD Channels that were added last month. The channels are pixelating or most of the time causing a rescan of the satellites so the channels are unusable. Any ideas? Nearest tree obstruction is maybe...
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    Help please!!

    I have the same setup, use the splitter/combiner on each end. I have the modulator going to channel 21, I'm in L.A. so I get OTA HD on 2,4,5,7,9,11,13,28,56&58
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    EHD Problems and being blatantly lied to by the Dish CSR

    yes, everything on the EHD was there and worked fine, and since I was able to archive to the EHD. I copied everything from the 622 to the EHD and back to the new 622. The only thing lost was my timers programmed into the old 622
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    EHD Problems and being blatantly lied to by the Dish CSR

    Sounds like the problem I had last month, Seach "toast" in the forums. I could transfer to the EHD, but I could not restore. and watching from the EHD was hit or miss. CSR was no help. said it was a EHD problem and took the info on what type of EHD I had. I was dealing with the problem for...
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    Is my EHD Toast?

    The sticky is too long and not organized by problem. After reading 15 of the 34 pages I gave up Called DN had a new receiver sent out, and the problem doesn't exist.
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    Is my EHD Toast?

    Everytime I restore I get an error message While watching programs from my EHD 30 secods or so into the program it freezes and ends I am not able to delete programs from the EHD. I have a WD 500
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    Dish on Demand

    well how about that ! i spent 2 hours with the csr activiating the new receiver and another 2 hours xfering my timers to the new receiver. Damn. I will have to try the shut down this weekend
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    Dish on Demand

    Receiver is never turned off, I have it setup for 4am download then an auto tune for 4:30am I hate seeing the dish logo. Where do I see a full list, everything is greyed out. but I will check
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    Dish on Demand

    Anyone with a 622 have this feature working? I have had 622 for a while and dish on demand movies are always "coming soon" I have never seen anyhting available or any previews that others have mentioned. I mentioned it to a CSR while I had them on the phone for activating the USB port. They...