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  1. BarneyBean

    SG 2100 won't go west

    Viewsat reciever, Primestar oval dish, sg 2100 approx 4-5 yrs old. I can go to setup and manually drive dish east but it won't come back west. Light turns green on reset but flashes red soon as I try to move dish. I can't really complain if its shot, I have not had to do anything to it since...
  2. BarneyBean

    AMC 21 and SonicVoom

    I am using the Cyberhome SonicVoom for PBS on AMC 21. I'm only getting one PBS channel with sound the rest are silent the one with sound is 12104 4340 V. I'm guessing thats the one PBS not using AC3 audio. I used to get most of the PBS channels before but now just the one, if anyone else is...
  3. BarneyBean

    RTN Finally

    Removed the switch and ran my line directly to dish and now I'm watching it. Used to keep a stationary dish aimed at G10 but thats useless now not much on there anymore, I can wait for my dish to move there now.
  4. BarneyBean


    Not getting ONN last night or today the quality keeps jumping all others fine
  5. BarneyBean

    PBS audio in Youngstown

    I live in Youngstown Ohio and since the transition I now get an extra PBS channel which is 45-3. The problem is the audio goes on and off just wondering if theres anyone else in this area who is having the same problem
  6. BarneyBean

    Gained 7 new channels

    Just did a channel scan and I got 7 new channels, I think they turned up the power already.
  7. BarneyBean

    Is this possible

    If this was brought up before sorry I did a search and didn't find anything. Since RTN is so hard to get is it possible to aim two dish's at it. I have an extra Primestar dish and was wondering if you aimed two dish's at it would that work. I know you need to switch LNB's with a switch but...
  8. BarneyBean

    A good night

    Enjoy the blind scan tonight, by the way happy new year to all and may all your ups and downs be between the sheets. :up
  9. BarneyBean

    SG2100 help

    I have a viewsat extreme with a primestar dish and LNB connected to a SG2100 motor. The problem I'm having is the motor keeps going back and fourth as soon as you turn the power on. I did a factory default and it still keeps moving even during the default, the light is orange on the motor and...
  10. BarneyBean

    SG2100 Leaking water

    Yesterday my dish went haywire it kept going back and forth west to east and it wouldn't stop. My SG2100 is the single button type by the way, anyway I tried the manual button on it and nothing then I tried to reset it and when I inserted the paper clip in the reset it began to drip water and...
  11. BarneyBean

    Freezing or choppy picture

    Just curious I'm watching Hispasat 12123 27500 H and the it has a flicker on it, I get it on others as well. Anybody else? They are doing movie reviews kinda cool.
  12. BarneyBean

    Full scan or not to full scan

    It seems that when I am blind scanning a sat usually once I get in the 40 percent range I dont pick anything else up, and I notice that my signal strength usually begins to drop quickly at about this point. Now I have let it go and do the full scan several times but I never got anything else...
  13. BarneyBean

    Inline amp question

    Just connected a Radio Shack omnidirectional antenna and overall I am pleased with the results. I get my locals except for WYTV the ABC afilliate which is only 9 miles from my house. I do pick up a cleveland ABC station which is over 50 miles from my house (go figure). The question I have is...
  14. BarneyBean

    Just got my Tuner

    Just got my Samsung DTB-H260F, connected an ArcherUHF VHF FM antenna I had on my stereo and I got six stations and I'm loving it already. I know I'm gonna need another antenna but I'm not sure if I'll need an indoor or outdoor, I'm not getting the ABC channel but I never could get it with a...
  15. BarneyBean

    Primestar LNB and water

    I've had my primestar dish for about a year now with no problems until now. I dont have the small plastic cap that goes on the LNB and never did have it, it's been thru thunder storms wind etc. In the last few days I have lost my quality but the sig stayed pretty much the same so I went out...
  16. BarneyBean

    OTA Tuner

    I have a Toshiba rear projection TV. I love the picture but its only a monitor so I need a tuner to get the local HD signals. Is anyone else using a seperate tuner on ther TV and if so what brand and how how would you rate it.
  17. BarneyBean

    Access America G-25

    Was going through the radio on G-25 and found this show talking about FTA, sounds excellent they are talking about products and answering EMails regarding FTA
  18. BarneyBean

    2 Recievers on 2 dishes 1 motor

    Ordered a second reciever and was wondering if I can connect it to my motorized dish along with the other reciever. I have one dish with the motor and a second aimed at G10. I know I can connect it to the one dish aimed at G10 but I was wondering if its possible to have 2 recievers on one...
  19. BarneyBean

    Lost G10

    Was watching retro jams and bang lost picture, in fact all channels seem to be down right now. Still getting good signal and quality anybody else getting G10 now
  20. BarneyBean

    White Springs Audio

    Was doing some tweaking on my dish and now I get White Springs again on G27. The problem is I get no audio so I switch to audio 2 and I,m getting sound but its not whats on the screen. Right now I'm watching a movie with a wedding scene and the audio is talking about gastric acid reflux. I know...