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    If someone else posted this, please accept my apology. Dishnetwork’s GoogleTV website: GoogleTV - DISH Network .
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    722: 21.0 remote TV1 UHF

    I would like to use the 21.0 remote as primary TV1 UHF with my 722. I find the TV1 IR setting on the 21.0 remote becomes sluggish every so often while other remotes like the 5.2 do not with the 722. I searched and read through this subject on here and have not been success in switching TV1 IR to...
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    Playboy in HD on dish's website.

    Dish Network's website shows Playboy in HD and SAP on channel 488. Question, its not in HD so whats up? I just called and as usual, they have no clue. Premium Satellite TV - Movie Channels - DISH Network
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    Can not upgrade, purchase, or lease.

    I just tried to upgrade, lease, and even purchase one from Dish with no success. I was informed by two representatives that a customer is only allowed to "upgrade" once a year. I upgraded two of my receivers last month, making me not eligible.
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    Mitsubishi 73" WD-73C9 DLP

    ...Today, Dell has a Mitsubishi 73" WD-73C9 DLP 1080p HDTV for $1349-13%=$1173.63. Does anyone think that's a good deal for a DLP? I'm in the market for a replacement with a QAM tuner. Even though its a DLP television, 3d ready, do you think I should get it?
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    612 Called ID problems

    I recently added two 612's to my current setup: 622, 622, 722. Since both 612's were installed, Caller ID does not work, while 622's and 722 do. I tried to restart, reconnect, change every setting, and have concluded with the same problem.... 612's do not show called ID. Telephone wire is...
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    Local channel markets

    Hi, my name is James and I live in Millsboro, Delaware that is located in the Salisbury, Maryland local channel market. You may have seen my recent or previous posts about various company questions. I became a Dishnetwork customer exactly a week before a Florida court ruled that dish network was...
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    Adding/changing equipment

    Hi, I want to add a 5th tuner or change the way my one 622 is currently. When originally installed a year ago, I only had two HD TVs and one regular TV. One TV had two tuners, while the other two have a single running off the same box. But now, I just replaced the regular TV with a larger HD...