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  1. ReconPJ

    Lots of TV's

    Moving here in a few months and would love to go back to DISH and get a Hopper with Sling in the house. I have 6 tv's that I would love to have the ability to watch anything on. Is this possible in the Hopper/Joey era?
  2. ReconPJ

    Thinking about going back to DISH and the new Hopper but.......

    Some questions. 1) I have 7 tv's in my house. How many Hopper/Joey combinations can I get and what can I get with each? 2) Is there a Sling box on the Hopper I need? 3) If there is, Is it a Sling that I can use anywhere? 4) Who gets the DVR access? 5) What's the fastest land mammal...
  3. ReconPJ

    Everyone Else But DISH!!!

    Now that AT&T has added the MLB Network joining DirecTV, Cox, Comcast, Time Warner, Cablevision, Charter, and Verizon. When is DISH going to cave in and give this to us? :mad:
  4. ReconPJ

    New HD Channels - The Next Race in Space???

    If Discovery and ESPN have any success with their new respective HD networks, are comercials 5 years from now going to be "The Most 3D Channels at the lowest price. Lower than cable. Get more for less. " etc... How many sattelites are they going to have to launch to be the nations 3D leader?
  5. ReconPJ

    Not the Statement I want to Hear....

    EchoStar stumped in Tivo patent prosecution ? The Register
  6. ReconPJ

    No New HD Explanation??

    Since that new bird went up sometime ago, we have not had any new National HD. Is that due to the fact that when the NBA and NHL went off the air last June we received a bunch of new HD. Now that they are back on, are the channels that were originally planned for new HD (before the Echostar...
  7. ReconPJ

    TIVO Decision with DISH delayed

    LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A federal judge in Texas on Thursday delayed ruling until as late as November on whether EchoStar Corp owes TiVo Inc more damages for infringing on its "Time Warp" digital video recorder, or DVR, technology. ADVERTISEMENT Investors, who expected the ruling on...
  8. ReconPJ

    Don't See DTV PAL Listed...

    :confused:I don't see the DTV PAL listed in Consumer Reports articles of the rated DTV converter boxes. This will not help DISH at all..... Consumer Reports Names 4 Best DTV Converters The magazine rates 14 different converter boxes. By Swanni Washington, D.C. (June 23, 2008) -- In its...
  9. ReconPJ

    Csnba Not Hd!!!!

    SInce this channel became "available", I've yet to see a game in HD!!!! (Watching the Giants and Diamondbacks on both 419 and 419HD). Please add this RSN to the list of the now late VOOM channels because there is no damn way they can count this an HD channel when it is clearly not broadcasting...
  10. ReconPJ

    What are your next top three?

    Now that SCI-FI, USA, and CCN have been added to the line-up, what would be your next top three channels to get based off the list that was provided? For me, I think its about time we get the kids involved so I'll go with NICK-HD, Disney-HD and Toon Disney-HD...
  11. ReconPJ

    Could it be....

    that these moves this past couple of weeks are in anticipation of the NHL and the NBA HD feeds getting ready to be shut off since their respective seasons are winding down? Would make sense to me (and I am in no way the tech guy on this) that once the season is over, the bandwidth can be...
  12. ReconPJ

    Dish/att News

    Just got off the phone from the CSR rep from ATT/DISH. I was inquiring about adding the VOOM channels. She told me that since I am one of the original customers from the partnership of the former SBC/DISH (now ATT/DISH) on the 1st of Feb I will receive the new channels of VOOM and the other...
  13. ReconPJ

    Where exactly is VOOM?

    Had DISH for years and anxiously awaing the new stuff. Where exactly are the VOOM channels/ was told at one time that they were at 61.5 and at a 15 degree makes it impossible for me to get here in the Bay Area. Have they moved or are they still there and will they be there on the 1st of Feb?