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  1. Frostwolf

    Older TIVO units having to reset?

    You might be able to get it repaired at (not loading this morning) Other than that you will need the software for the tivo hard drive if you replace it. I did mine with the correct instantcake package from
  2. Frostwolf

    Reception issue, what do you think?

    I've got the regular 18 inch directv dish and I've got a question about what transponder I should use to tune the reception? I'm getting 94-96 on average on almost all the transponders and one or two is 100 most the time. I had dish 500 for years, and always had a signal strenght of 122-125 on...
  3. Frostwolf

    Not a good start Directv (kinda long)

    Three more calls to activate one more card, and I'm finally hooked up. They had my recievers all screwed up. Wrong card in wrong reciever, card services hung up on me twice, guess I'm still fraudulant. Anyways, finally got a csr with some brains, just swap the card witht he other reciever...
  4. Frostwolf

    LEFTOVER equipment junk after HD conversion? Now what?

    I've been watching the 508's on ebay, they go for about $100 right now. I've got two I'm going to sell as soon as I watch everything on them.
  5. Frostwolf

    Not a good start Directv (kinda long)

    Yeah she was telling me I should not have bought them off ebay, when I didn't. Sorry its not clear, I'm not good a writing stuff. Oh, She also told me that the only authorized directv sales is them, no one else is authorized. How is it possible for a dealer to hook me up, make an account and...
  6. Frostwolf

    Not a good start Directv (kinda long)

    I didn't buy the units from ebay. And they are sending a new card overnight.
  7. Frostwolf

    Not a good start Directv (kinda long)

    Directv told me I could not add a used tivo to my account (Another lie I take it) . I was offered one for free from my friend, but Direct said that it or any tivo could not be activated. I was told that on two seperate occasions. Thats why I went to weaknees to let them set up the account. I'm...
  8. Frostwolf

    Not a good start Directv (kinda long)

    OK, heres my story as short as possible. Dish screwed up the 508 boxes firmware. Wouldn't replace them both, wanted to charge me for a second replacement box. My friend (with a Tivo unit with Directv) said he has never had problems with his R10. So I researched this model and decided on going...
  9. Frostwolf

    508 problems.... conspiracy to upgrade?

    You must be the only one. Both mine screwed up at the same time with the same problems, at the same time I got the software upgrade to remove tivo patented software. I'm ticked off at Dish about this.
  10. Frostwolf

    DVR501 and 3.68...Still Problems

    Yor not kidding with that one. I don't mess with it when 24 is on.
  11. Frostwolf

    DVR 510 Humming loud

    Definiately software for yours. :( on second thought it could be a user issue. :haha
  12. Frostwolf

    DVR501 and 3.68...Still Problems

    I've got the jumpy remote problem on one of my two boxes. And no its not the remote :) I've also missed timers, had lockups, and weird screens and menu overlays. Also the jumpy ff/rw's. THe most annoying right now is if I'm watching a recorded show and I stop somewhere in the middle or at a...
  13. Frostwolf

    510 crashed while recording...

    Link not there? I found it here though
  14. Frostwolf

    My 508 Is Working Better

    I've still had some crashes with P368. I do have a new bug with P368, if I watch a recorded show, then go back to it and resume where I left off, it will show me like 40 minutes left then it starts the show at 5 minutes left, or if I left it somewhere to show the wife something, it won't resume...
  15. Frostwolf

    501 deleting recordings

    I haven't noticed any new deletions with 3.68, of course 3.65 completely cleaned my drive out, so 3.68 has nothing to delete :(
  16. Frostwolf

    2nd tuner on 622, says my bill is overdue

    Get the number from the pop up window and call tech support.
  17. Frostwolf

    Optical cables better?

    Make sure the settings on the receiver match your surround equipment. PCM only or Dolby only may help. As for louder commercials, I think its a side-effect of having better sound transmission, especially if you had rca before.
  18. Frostwolf

    Optical cables better?

    I can tell the difference. Optical is louder and clearer on my Kenwood system
  19. Frostwolf

    Answer from Dish on 501/510 Timer Problems

    Then its worse than I thought! As for Apple people, neah, when apple did there own OS, it was worse than windows. Like 7.5 for instance, It required a monthly reinstall almost. And OS X was and is a free OS (Mach OS is what came before Openstep that apple used to build Darwin) except Apple...
  20. Frostwolf

    Daylight Savings & the 501/508/510

    set for 3 hours before and after! DISH FUBAR'ed them real good.