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  1. mlb

    Sirius signal down... anybody else?

    This happened as I was driving home from dinner out. I then tried it on my home unit and the same deal... no signal. Anybody else seeing this?
  2. mlb

    HR21 how many tuners can record at once?

    I have 2 HR21s with the AM21 add ons for OTA HD. It appears I can only record 2 tuners, even with the AM21. Is that true? Seems crazy that I could record 3 tuners at once with my 622 (1 OTA, 2 satellite) but I can only get 2 total, no matter whether I have 4 tuners or not.
  3. mlb

    MPEG4 changeovers look great!

    I'm watching ESPN2HD right now, looks great! This is how HDTV is supposed to look. Having seen Time Warner, Dish, and D* within the last week, this is easily the best looking HD I've seen.
  4. mlb

    My install experience...

    Yesterday was the big day, here is my install experience and overall first impressions. The guy called at about 11:50AM (scheduled install for 8-12), saying he was on his way but would be there a little after 12. No big deal, he got to my house at about 12:15PM. We walked around, I showed...
  5. mlb

    Getting D* installed tomorrow

    The CSR said they could not add the AM21s to my order and that he would add it to the notes on my order that I would need them for my locals in HD. I'm guessing that means I won't get them installed with my HD-DVRs tomorrow, but I thought maybe you guys could let me know if this is standard...
  6. mlb

    Those of you who have switched from Dish to D*

    Is an up front cost of $400 worth it to switch over? Seems like a lot of money up front for me to leave Dish... although I'd like to have the option for NFL ST, it isn't something I have to have. The MLB package is of no interest to me, so that isn't a selling point. I also get the ESPN...
  7. mlb

    DirecTV's site sucks!

    Trying to price out a system with 2 HD-DVRs and 2 HD receivers. Any idea what I'd be looking at for up front costs? If not sure, any places besides D*'s website that can give me that? I really don't feel like calling any dealers, would rather check it out online. BTW, I'd be looking at...
  8. mlb

    HD receiver question

    I'm doing some research about D* and was curious about the HD receiver (not the DVR). Can it also output to a SD television? I currently have 2 HDTV's and 2 SDTV's in the house, but over the next year or so I plan on upgrading the 2 SDTVs to HDTVs. I'd rather not have to pay an upgrade price...
  9. mlb

    Dish 1000 with DPP44 switch

    What coax connections on the DPP Twin LNBF should I be using? Currently I'm able to see the 119 and 129 satellites (on its own separate LNFB), but not on the 110. Apparently I have something wired up wrong in the dish as it runs to my DPP44 switch.
  10. mlb

    FSN HD question (CSU vs CU)

    Are all of the channels showing the same feed, or is it really uplinked 11 different times? Game looks good, BTW.
  11. mlb

    Can the 622 output both Component and HDMI at the same time?

    I'm sure this has been asked before, but I didn't find it in a quick search of the forum.
  12. mlb

    61.5 satellite question

    I recently purchased a DPP44. Which dishes are capable of hitting 61.5? Currently I have a Dish 1000 pointing at 110, 119, and 129. Thanks.
  13. mlb

    wiring question

    I have a dish 1000 that goes to a 622 and 625. I want to add a 5th tuner (211), so I bought a dp34 switch figuring I already had a dp34 switch with my setup. When I got into my dish I could not find an actual switch, so I'm guessing the LNBs have it built in. Is there a way for me to add this...
  14. mlb

    No uplink activity today?

    Pretty late in the day and still no reports.
  15. mlb

    Any idea when Cincinnati HD locals will be lit up?

    Cincinnati is listed as an expected market in 2006. I live outside of Dayton, but I will probably "move" when those locals get lit up.
  16. mlb

    Props to CEO address

    I had to have a dish tech back out at my house yesterday because my 625 was locking up on a daily basis. Unfortunately I've been travelling a lot lately so I had not called up the support in the first 90 days after installation, thus they wanted to charge the $30. The tech came in and...
  17. mlb

    Programming question

    I currently have the HD Gold package, a 622 and a 625. I pay $17 extra each month for the 2 DVR fees and the extra receiver. If I upgrade to the HD Platinum package would I still pay the DVR and extra receiver fees? It seems like I've read in the past that there is no DVR or extra receiver fee...
  18. mlb

    Question about LiL

    Are there any cities that get multiple local channels (i.e. 2 different cities)? I live in between Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio, but qualify for the Dayton locals. If I "move" a little further south can I get both cities or would I just be switched to Cincinnati? Thanks!
  19. mlb

    Any way to force a download of the EPG info?

    I have a 625 that doesn't have all the info downloaded yet, can I force a download of EPG info?
  20. mlb

    622 problem

    Last night I was trying to flip channels to ESPN2HD when the box just came up with a black screen. I did a reboot (held power for 10 secs), nothing. Did a check switch, came up with an error (502). I called Dish tech support and they had me do all the same as well, to no avail. The Dish support...