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  1. EdZackery

    Canceled Golf Vacations

    After watching the news with the reporters riding in boats along the Gulf and showing what oil looks like on a gloved hand I got to wondering about a few things. They also report that most cancelled vacations there. On the other hand, yea, I know we still have four fingers and a thumb. But if...
  2. EdZackery

    Energy-Efficiency Home and Vehicle Tax Credit Credits

    Are these tax credits refundable or non-refundable?
  3. EdZackery

    Mail / Trash Ratio

    Maybe I am doing something wrong. I'd guess over 50%, maybe high as 80% of weight and mass that I remove from our mailbox is carried to kitchen and dropped into our trashcan, and nearly all of that is unopened.
  4. EdZackery

    Ice Cold TV

    Have a LCD HDTV in our camper here in Ohio and planning on leaving it there over the winter. It will not be powered up or anything until next camping season (I hope). Was wondering if there are any opinions on if the cold would effect the lcd or not.