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  1. FullyFamous

    Wireless Internet Connection to HD DVR?

    Do I need to buy/use DTTV's Wireless Connection Kit for connecting my receiver to the internet? Could I use a wireless receiver connected to the data jack on tha back?
  2. FullyFamous

    Getting DTV installed, what shoud I ask?

    We're getting DTV installed tomorrow and I'm wondering what shoud I be expecting of the installer? Should I make sure before he/she starts doing anything that I'm informed of any "out of the ordinary" install posibilities, such as cable runs over the normal, possible extra charges, etc? I'm a...
  3. FullyFamous

    Installation questions

    I'm 99.67% sure I want to switch from cable to DTV (DVR, etc), however, my wife has a few reservations (she always does that, ruins my fun!) Her concerns (and I guess I should be concerned too) are: What if the dish mounting on the roof causes a leak in the roof? Who is responsible for...
  4. FullyFamous

    Why would I need a protection plan?

    I see protection plans offered, but I'm wondering why I would need it? If I'm leasing the equipment, should the owner of the equipment replace/repair it if it's even needed? Does the equipment crap-out very often?
  5. FullyFamous

    Might take the plunge and have install questions

    Gettin' closer to switching to Directtv from cable (!?). I (especially my wife) hate surprises, so I was looking to get a few general questions answered. 1. My phone jack is across the living room from where I would have the TV. Maybe 10-12 feet. Will the installer be able to make a hard-wire...
  6. FullyFamous

    DVR question

    I have a question about the Dishnetwork DVR. I don't seem to be getting a consistant answer. What I want to know is this: if I have the Dish DVR (2 tuners), can I watch on one TV a program (CBS for example), and record a second program (Discovery) (family room for example), and watch a third...