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  1. satfrat

    Will D* be adding new Premium channels anytime soon?

    Just thought I'd ask if there's any info on either upgrading exiting premium channels to HD or adding Premium channel that are not now available? There are channels available in the Starz package on C-Band that aren't included in the D* lineup and I'm about ready to renew my subscription for my...
  2. satfrat

    Connecting DirecTv On Demand

    I'm going to need some help on this as I'm not all that computer savee. First, I have Verizon DSL with a Westell 2200 modem with only 1 Ethernet. Both my HTPC and HR20-100 are located w/i a foot from this modem. What do I do? If you have some advise,,, please keep it super simple or it'll be...
  3. satfrat

    New Software found (01BE)

    I got a new software download on my HR20-100 this morning at 3:40am. Anyone have a clue as to what it's all about?
  4. satfrat

    Anyone receiving prerecorded calls freom D*?

    Got a call today, Tuesday Sept. 18, a prerecorded call from D* checking on whether my system was ready for HD with B-Band converter modules. It was a very informative message telling me everything I had already heard about right here. :D Sounds like the HD doors are opening real soon! :up Robin
  5. satfrat

    VERY disappointed in my DIRECTV® Universal RF Remote Control

    I'm at a loss here. I recently bought a Slimline HD system w/HR20-100s DVR receiver and it came with an IR remote,,, even tho a RF antenna was included with the receiver. I have an open 6 shelf rack with forged iron side posts and my HD DVR is on 5th shelf. Even thos I had no problems with the...