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  1. maxmoto

    Remote DVR Viewing

    Has anyone logged into MyServices and seen the DVR Manager it under My TV? I logged in today and I am able to see both my DVRs. Looks like you can see the what is recording (up coming schedule, schedule recordings, see the guide. So far looks pretty good. You can not manage recorded shows...
  2. maxmoto

    I have an NHL CI question

    I am watching the Ducks play right now with the free preview of NHL CI. So I got looking at the multi-sport package. It includes Fox Sports Prime Ticket which is the channel that NHL CI is broadcasting it on. So my question is if I just get the multi-sport package can I avoid the $150 needed...
  3. maxmoto

    OTA Guide Data ?

    Now that I have locals from Dish I am receiving OTA guide data, except for the locals I just received. My question is... My local stations are broadcasting different names (ex. NBC-HD) than Dish (WLIO) is, so would this be the reason that there is no guide data for these locals?
  4. maxmoto

    FX HD by 2/29?

    I was looking at the engadget article about the 922. The picture of the guide had FX HD and the date on the reciever was 2/29. I know that other pictures of the guide were not right at all, but it is very interesting. Here is the pic:
  5. maxmoto

    What channel is this?

    What chennel is in yellow in this picture? It came from here:
  6. maxmoto

    L6.10 issue

    I experienced a video problem today with L6.10 after I hit guide then closed the guide I got this: I hope this is not normal. Only a reboot fixed it.
  7. maxmoto

    DHPP good or bad?

    I got my last 5.99 credit for the DHPP. My question is should I keep it or get rid of it? :confused: Not sure what the major benefit would be. :what
  8. maxmoto

    Satellite Number on info screen

    I don't recall seeing this before, but if you hit info twice the satellite number is shown on that screen. Sorry if this has been talked about before.
  9. maxmoto

    Lima Ohio Locals

    Our local NBC affiliate has started to run commercials that are blaming D* and E* for not offering LiL service. They are saying they have been doing everything they can to get them to carry there network.
  10. maxmoto

    My 612 is a big piece of ....

    I hate this box. I have to reset it AT LEAST three times a day. It is slow when rolling through the guide. It was a good idea for dish to make this box if you only have one TV, but it was poorly implemented.
  11. maxmoto

    USA SciFi HD

    Looks like dish forgot to fill out this form
  12. maxmoto

    Can not get ViP612

    I just called Dish and they told me I could not get a ViP612 as an upgrade. He even said that it is not avalible to new subs. Even though I wanted to get it added. Also I was told that I would need an additional 18 month contract to get a 211. WTF! Two different 18 month contracts? :confused:
  13. maxmoto

    If no new HD

    If no new HD today then I think my days with Dish are numbered.:(
  14. maxmoto

    Why is Dish NOT splitting Noggin/The N

    I had my daughter was watching noggin last night thinking that after 6:00pm it would still be noggin, but NO E* switches to The N. WTF!! They stayed noggin on the 31st like they were supposed to. I am about to the last straw with E*!!!:mad::mad::mad:
  15. maxmoto

    E* HD commercial

    I was just seen a commercial for DishHD and there was a Weather Channel HD logo. :eureka When might we be seeing this channel?
  16. maxmoto

    Problem with USB port on back

    I am unable to get my hard drive to be recognized on the USB port on the back of my 622. I can plug in my HD to the front USB port and it works fine. Do I need a new reciever or am I not supposed to use the rear port?
  17. maxmoto

    New HD

    In the podcast Scott said that E* will have 45 national HD channels... E* has 39 listed on there web site (not including PPV)... So does this mean we are getting 6 new channels tommorow? :D
  18. maxmoto

    A&e Hd

    When did A&E go stetch-o-vision? Everything I've seen so far tonight has been stretched. I started watching Dog, witch the episode that was on was not stetched the first time I have seen it. Also, all the comercials were stretched too.
  19. maxmoto

    Can I use....

    Can I use an old D* dish to recieve 61.5 connected to my 1000.2? I though I read somewhere that this was possible. The dish is probably 5 or 6 years old.
  20. maxmoto


    I cannot recieve local channels when the person that lives a block away has them. They are using their actual address and did not "move".