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    Choppy/stuttering image on sitcoms

    Ok, I'm at a loss on this one. About two months ago we purchased a new LCD/LED set (Samsung UN46F6300). The image generally looks good; however, certain programming exhibits a strange behavior that drives me crazy. Portions of that image appear choppy or seem to stutter--I usually notice it...
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    Was the sound issue with HBO ever fixed?

    I had Dish up until a year or so ago, when we ditched it because of ongoing issues with brief sound dropouts/popping/stuttering, mainly on HBO. At the time, I believe there was a long thread discussing the issue (some thought it was related to the use of certain audio receivers; however, I...
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    Ongoing frustration with quality of Dish service

    Let me say from the outset here that I have searched the archives here often throughout the 1.5 years we have had Dish. I've occasionally seen people briefly mention the same issues I've had; though often times they are within long threads that seem to actually be about different issues. I...
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    Qustion about DVR

    Though I've had several different cable providers and uverse, and I've used many different kinds of DVRs--I still find Dish's DVR interface to be confusing (even after reading the guide). Perhaps someone might be kind enough to clear a few things up for me. I think a major issue is that they...
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    satellite reception and trees

    I was hoping one of experts around here could give me an idea as to what extent tree cover will disrupt the dish's reception. My reason is this: We just had Dish installed on Monday. The tech briefly noted that the dish could not go on the back of our house (facing south) because of tree...