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  1. Super Dave

    Cinemax Being Added To The Ultimate Package

    Being reported on AVS and DSL Reports that Cinemax is being added to the Ultimate Package for no charge. It has been in the NY area's package for a while now, nice the rest of us are getting it also. I wouldn't pay for it, but we had it for a penny a year for over 3 years when I had Dish and...
  2. Super Dave

    Any Info On The Bobby Flay Channel (125)?

    I searched the forums and couldn't find any info on this channel. When and where did it come from? Did it replace another channel, I don't recall seeing it in the guide before. Not much programming on it. I like Bobby, but wasn't aware he had enough to program an entire network.
  3. Super Dave

    Where did ESPNHd's picture go?

    I was watching PTI and the video froze up and then disappeared. I have sound on 140HD and 9424 on both my 622 and 722, but no video. 140SD is working fine. This is the only channel that is giving me this issue.
  4. Super Dave

    WPVI in Philadelphia Poor Signal

    The satellite feed for WPVI HD has been dreadful since I switched to Dish 4 months ago. I mainly use the OTA to record anything, but there are times I would like to have the Sat feed available. I emailed Dish, the first time the response was garbage, fill out this form with signal strength...
  5. Super Dave

    622 Vonage and Prefixes

    I have a 622 and the Vonage. The Caller ID works fine, but it doesn't seem to be able to dial out successfully, and I was wondering if there were any other prefixes besides *99. When I had DTV I used #034 to slow the modem and it worked. I already have Vonage at the highest setting, so *99...
  6. Super Dave

    Bad Install Resolved Beautifully By CEO Escalations

    I switched from DTV to Dish 1 1/2 months ago. The installer used to same location on my roof for one of the 2 new dishes (I have the VIP 622 for HD and a 625) and every time it would rain signal loss would occur from the start of the rain until 1/2 hour after. I was concerned maybe the tree in...
  7. Super Dave

    622 No Sound On Other Tuner When I Swap

    I only get sound on 1 tuner. When I swap tuners I have to turn the unit off and on again to get sound. And it happens on all of the outputs, I put in single mode to check it out, same result. Do I restart the unit, and if I do will my recordings disappear? What are the steps to reboot?
  8. Super Dave

    Switched From DirecTiVo, How Can I...?

    There are a few features I miss, and was wondering if they were there and I don't know how to use them. 1. Sounds when buttons are pressed, miss the bloop bloop. 2. When I used to hit play on my TiVo a bar would pop up and show you where you are in the playback. I have not found a way to do...