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  1. hrbib21

    Moving my satellite dish

    Since I live in a community that decided they wanted to have an HOA, I now have to move the dish from the side of the house to the rear after 4.5 years in the current location. Can anyone tell me what exactly would be involved in moving it? I would like to just be able to maybe lengthen the wire...
  2. hrbib21

    Screen "smudges"?

    I have a JVC HD-56G787 56" DLP. There are "blotches" or "smudges" on the screen that seem to be getting more plentiful. They are on the screen itself and not the result of bad reception. I've cleaned it numerous times with a non-ammonia based window cleaner and it doesn't seem to get any better...
  3. hrbib21

    Tell me what you think of this

    Pulled the old "What can you do to keep me as a customer" routine and had a new HR20-100 installed along with free Superfan (already had the non-DVR receiver). This was installed 1.5 weeks ago. The week before the install, I call CS for an explanation as to why I'm not getting the new HD...
  4. hrbib21

    PQ decrease with new DVR

    I bought a DVR today at Best Buy. I simply switched the wires from the exact same locations on the standard receiver that D* installed. Now, my PQ basically sucks. It's nowhere near the quality it was with the old receiver. As I said, the only thing that's changed is the receiver itself, no new...
  5. hrbib21

    VCR Hookup

    Total noob? Yes. Searched? Yes. Now that that's out of the way....I've had D* for about two years and I just had local channels hooked up today thru D*. Now I want to be able to record programs using a VCR. The only way I've found requires that the D* receiver be on. This poses a problem if...