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  1. Remington

    Free 10' C-band Dish

    Not sure where to post this.... I live near Ottawa, Canada. Just bought a house and no, sadly... it's not C-Band friendly. :-( I got my dish for free myself 2 years ago waiting to have space for it... 10' mesh. It's in very good condition, 4 quarters in my basement. I have all the...
  2. Remington

    No locals?

    Ok, Let's say hypothetically... :rolleyes: A Canadian guy find a broker to subscribe to Dish Network and they told him, sorry "no locals". First, how is that possible? And, Does this mean that NBC, CBS, ABC, etc. wouldn't be available at all? There's no "nationals" like NY or LA or...
  3. Remington

    72.7 + 61.5 + 110 ?

    I'm trying to find the easiest solution (and cheap). First, what's on 77? Only foreign languages? I have 2 Bell 20" with legacy lnbs. (SW64 are hard to find and pricy) I plan to buy a vip612 only. 129 could be hard to get here for me. So I thought 72.7 and 61.5 would get what I need...
  4. Remington

    Legacy type LNBs

    Just wondering if the BellTV LNBs (Legacy) work with today's VIP receivers?
  5. Remington


    I was checking their website and I'm trying to figure something. Latino Max has 255 channels (is it 35 or 55 in spanish?) T250 has 260 channels. Anyhow, you don't have as many english channels with the Latino package... Trying to figure out how to get some spanish channels for my wife...
  6. Remington

    DSR 922

    I see sometimes on Ebay these receivers for sale. From what I can read (yeah I'm behind in the news) that they cannot be used to subscribe? Is that right? It seems to be the DSR-410 now... What can you see with these 922's these days? Are they still useful? Thanks,
  7. Remington

    6' solid or 10' mesh dish?

    I have a 10' mesh for 3 years now which i never installed, the boss never allowed me. The backyard is too small. We're about to move and depending which house we get (I have my secret plans.. hehe) I might be able to finally put it. But, if not.. I'm decided to get a 6'; Which i know isn't...
  8. Remington


    I'm reading the forum since yesterday and I can see a lot of talk about the Manhattan, the OpenBox and the Azbox. I read the specs and read what you guys are saying but I'm still not sure I get all the differences. Which one is best? On a side note, when I was here in the past the Fortec...
  9. Remington

    Where do you read the elevation?

    On a Fortec 120cm? Dish side,bracket side or the middle of the bolt? I don't see any red line like my 90cm or DBS.
  10. Remington

    Just made a blind scan

    Trying to set my dish with motor on SBS6 as true south. (G4R has no active transponder it seems) Just made a blind scan, seems I'm on it. How many TPs I should get normally? I know it's feeds mainly, I have 12 channels right now. TP1 is at 0% but some others get 99% so I don't feel...
  11. Remington

    Finally, I have a dish.

    I found a C-band dish for free at last... :up It's a mesh / 10' Channel Master in good shape. I have an actuator but I don't know exactly which one. It's a SuperJack ZX H8. How I can find out the specs ? I googled it but with not much success. It also has a Chaparral LNBF, I guess I'll buy...
  12. Remington

    Steel pipe thickness

    I'm calling some places to find a post for my Fortec 120cm. Found a place where they sell 2 3/8" dia. X 6ft. and he told me it's 1/8 thick. (so it must be 2.5'' OD?) Anyway, do you think 1/8" is enough ?
  13. Remington

    Dish on car dealers / Malls roof

    I see around here, almost all the car dealers have a big dish. I'd describe it as a "offset C-band dish" 4 or 6 ft. I see them on top of some malls too. Anyone knows for what they have them?
  14. Remington

    1.2 M Dish

    I just ordered a Fortec 1.2M dish. How many of you use a motor with a 120cm dish? I read that it is the limit for most of them. I think the best option is the Stab HH120. Anyone use the DMS SG-2100?
  15. Remington

    Good place to shop I think...

    If you are Canadians you all know it's always a bit more expensive for us to buy products... US dollar, custom fees, extra shipping cost, etc.. But today I found a site where they sell at very good price, shipped from Canada. I don't know if I can post the link or if you all know it already...
  16. Remington

    Found Pansat analog Receiver

    I suppose it's for C-band (what I'm looking for) but is there any "analog Ku band only receiver" ? (what I don't really need...) Anyway, I made the deal and I'll go tomorrow to pick it up.... :cool:
  17. Remington

    Just got my motor. Need some infos.

    I can't reach true south sat. I use USALS. I put my lat/long. Ask the motor to go to IA6. Then I'm trying to aim the dish (not easy up there in the ladder) I now have strong signal (+80%) on H TPs. But 0% quality on all the V. Tried many things, still nothing. :confused: Any...
  18. Remington

    Trying to see where I am. Need help.

    I moved my dish as close as I can from my condo wall (with a signal) and now I'm trying to know what I found with the power scan. 16 Tps 3 channels (news feed is seems) I don't know if I can post them? I checked on Lyngsat but it's not obvious to compare the tp freq.
  19. Remington

    Question about the motor.

    I know many questions have been asked about motor install... Before I get one, I just want to understand something. -What if I cannot reach my true south satellite? My longitude is 75.72 (G4R?) but where my dish is (on condo wall) I won't reach it... The side of the dish will touch the...
  20. Remington

    Someone knows Pansat models well ?

    I found a receiver on Ebay, it says "Pansat 2500A", I told the guy it dosent look like the other 2500A's I found previously... and he said Pansat made different models of the 2500A. I am not so sure, what do you think...