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  1. ohioankev

    Mi Box as an alternative to a Joey? Maybe.

    I bought one of these Mi Box Android TV units at Walmart for $69 and the hardware is pretty decent (not sure how it handles 4K as I don't have a 4K TV) and initially I was pretty disappointed with the offerings on the "Android TV" PlayStore. (Think GoogleTV PlayStore...) Almost to the point...
  2. ohioankev

    GRIT TV on Channel 217

    For fans of westerns, it looks like dish added a western channel GRIT TV on channel 217. I just noticed this flipping through channels. It's in SD only and of course more than likely this channel can vanish at anytime as it's in one of those "we pay dish to carry us" channel spots.
  3. ohioankev

    Warning about Roku/Energizer 14-day free Trial

    I saw the ad for the Energizer 14-day trial on my Roku 3 yesterday 7/20/16 and thought well I never tried it so I'll take SlingTV out for a spin. Well I just logged into my account out of boredom and noticed that my free 14 day trial ends on 7/27/16. Half of the 14-day free trial... (the usual...
  4. ohioankev

    Click hijacking (might be on my end)

    I'm only posting this since it's only seems to happen on this forum/site. When I click on a link to a post occasionally I'm hijacked to a fake flash download and my antivirus goes off and catches the malware. The strange thing it's only happening to me on Satelliteguys and no where else.
  5. ohioankev

    Possible to score months of free Showtime?

    I was just sitting back and thinking of all the online services I partake in and most of them offer Showtime free for 30 days. These services are PlayStation Vue, HULU, and Roku. So I guess I was wondering if it was possible and if anyone else has tried this method. My 50% off for six months...
  6. ohioankev

    One Channel Pixelating on Joey but not on Hopper ...

    I have this problem every year for the last two years. The NFL Redzone on the Joey in one of my bedrooms pixelates like there is a signal problem with the channel. However, the Hopper that it is connected to plays the channel just fine without issues and and so does the HWS in another room. It...
  7. ohioankev

    HBO on Demand

    Just curious if HBO on Demand is changing. I just decided to binge watch the first season of The Brink and all episodes say they will be removed in 2 days 3 hours instead of 30 days. I noticed the same with Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. I'm going to be really disappointed if they need On...
  8. ohioankev

    Anyone experience this with their HWS?

    I'm curious if anyone has experienced someone "watching" a DVR recording YET you know that no one is watching it. I'm wondering if this is a bug and/or if I should change my MyDish password to be safe as someone might be watching remotely who doesn't have access to my account.
  9. ohioankev

    Secondary Accounts for

    Can you create secondary accounts for members of your household to use or VOD services from Showtime Anytime, HBO Go, Max Go?
  10. ohioankev

    Showtime OD hasn't added this weeks series yet ?

    Does anyone know when Showtime On Demand gets updated? I still don't have this weeks episode of Nurse Jackie or Happyish. I notice with HBO the shows are usually up Monday morning.
  11. ohioankev

    TV shows never made it the recycle bin

    I just purged a list of cancels TV shows (the whole seasons -- Forever, State of Affairs, Battle Creek, Constantine, Backstrom, and The Following ) and the only show to make it to the recycle bin was State of Affairs. Personally in this situation I'm not bothered by what happen I just found it...
  12. ohioankev

    El Rey

    Does it look better than what it does on DISH ? HD or Better SD? I saw El Rey was available and I was thinking about signing up to watch Lucha Underground and From Dusk Till Dawn when it returns for season two.
  13. ohioankev

    The Turner Channels no longer have Iogos.

    Take this for what it is worth but the Turner Stations no longer have channel logos in the Hopper EPG guide. Every other channel in my guide has logos except the Turner owned stations. The missing logos include the HBO and Cinemax tiers.
  14. ohioankev

    Just lost all my recordings on Hopper (w/o sling) but my hard drive isn't dead.

    This should be friday the 13th because everything has been going wrong today but the most interesting thing is my Hopper 2000. I just lost all of my recordings on one hopper but after talking to an advanced tech he was telling me that my hard drive wasn't dead but I lost all of my recordings...
  15. ohioankev

    Waring:901 looks like old DOS based message

    I woke up this morning and saw this menu on my second hopper 2000 and just thought it looked weird so I snapped this picture. I'm guessing this means that my offer is about at the end of its life and that I should probably get another external hard drive then transfer what I can from the drive...
  16. ohioankev

    Hopper 2000 upgraded to S446

    No release notes when unit was powered on and the only change I've found so far is you can turn on Closed Captioning without going into the settings by pressing the orange color button. There might be some new apps, not sure.
  17. ohioankev

    No Auto-Hop for Gotham this week ?

    I have Auto-Hop enabled for this weeks Sleepy Hollow but no Auto-Hop for this weeks Gotham. All of the other network shows have Auto-Hope enabled but Gotham is the odd man out. Has anyone else experienced this or is it just my Hoppers?
  18. ohioankev

    Should I call Dish to have my dish realigned ?

    In the last two months I have been having pixalation issues sporadically. I never really lose full reception or get the message "part of this recording was lost" during DVR playback but during the season premiere of Haven the pixalation was about every five minutes causing the sound to drop out...
  19. ohioankev

    External Sling Adapter & Network

    Will Dish Anywhere detect the Sling Adapter if it is connected with just the MoCa network or do you need to connect the internet with ethernet? I keep getting error 4 when trying to get my sling adapters to work and I'm trying to determine if they both just quit or if I'm doing something wrong...
  20. ohioankev

    If I use Primetime Anytime does it ...

    If I enable PTAT does it record with overruns or does it stop each program at exactly the one hour mark ? Also if I record two shows without enabling PTAT on my locals does it use just one tuner?