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  1. texasclaw

    Actuator for BUD

    My BUD is locked on one place and will not move. What is the correct wiring (a red wire. a black wire and a white wire) for a Motorola 450i's actuator? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  2. texasclaw

    Missing Analog Channels

    I recently hooked up my C-Band and digital setup to an HD Plasma TV. When I try to get the analog channels all I get is snow and then a blue screeen. With the other Tv I would get the analog channel (G4 15-16). I still get the digital channels through my BEC 6600+, but no analogs so it is...
  3. texasclaw

    Locking in CBand Satellite Feed through VCR

    I have my satellite(C-Band and Ku Band) going through my VCR and then to my TV. I would like to be able to get my Digital Channels to show up as Local Channels (All my OTA Channels do). Is there a way to get Dish 1000 HD-DVR to recognize the AV1 of my VCR (That is where my Digital Channels...
  4. texasclaw

    BSC 621-2 LNBF Problems

    I had my LNBF installed several months ago (Nov '06) and early on had some problems with analog reception. My subscription channels on G5 were very weak and hazy. Occasionally some of them (TBS & TNT) would clear up, but most would not. I had to fine tune the Ku side on the BEC 6600+ and was...
  5. texasclaw

    Monday Night Football!

    Any one with any ideas on where and how we (FTA Addicts) can get ESPN in the 2007 season? Dish and Direct TV are a no go.
  6. texasclaw

    Espn Mnf

    Where will we get MNF, now that ESPN has gone Digital? I can't seem to find any info anywhere on the net. Anybody know anything?
  7. texasclaw

    Pansat 3500 Remote Stuck in TV mode!

    Today I attempted to turn my Pansat 3500S on and it would not respond to the remote. It appears to be stuck in TV Mode. What can I do to get it out of that mode and responding to the reciever? Help! Pansat USA answered my question immediately.
  8. texasclaw

    Unable to get clear Analog Picture

    I recently dumped my dish to the west (2x's) and now I cannot get my analog pictures clear. I still get good digital pictures and strength, even though the analog channel is not clear or missing (G4, Harvest). The digital channels are clear as a bell. I checked the dish and there does not...
  9. texasclaw

    Adding another receiver.

    I now have two LNBF's, one analog receiver, a VCR and 3 digital receivers. What would be the best way to combine them for viewing?
  10. texasclaw

    BUD, Ku Dish, Antenna Setup

    I need to know where to find a good schematic for setting up my system. I just added a Quali-TV Receiver to go with all the others. What is the best way to combine my components to get the best results from all? Thanks in advance.
  11. texasclaw

    Channel Master and Pansat 3500S

    I keep reading about Channel Master when looking for information on how to get my Pansat 3500S up and running. What is it, how do I get it and how does it work? 10' BUD, Motorola 450i analog, BEC6600+ digital, 30" Ku Dish, Pansat 3500S, with SG2100 motor.
  12. texasclaw

    Lost Remote for BEC6600+

    Hello to all. My BEC6600+ remote is buried under my wife's den remodeling or it is out with the trash. Either way, I need another. Anyone who happens to have one they don't need, let me know what the cost + shipping would be. Thanks in advance!
  13. texasclaw

    BSC621-2 C/Ku LNBF

    I recently purchased a BSC621-2 C/Ku LNBF. When my installer put the 621 on, he had a problem that when he tightened the screw, the LNBF would move from the position he had placed it. What may be a solution? :confused: Also having difficulty getting C-Band analog birds, that I got with my...
  14. texasclaw

    Loss of Signal with Motorola 450i Analog Receiver

    A couple of nights ago when I tried to go to one of my analog C-Band channels, all I got was a blank screen. When I try to go to Set-Up, on the analog receiver, I get no response. I can move the dish, go to favorites, etc., but I cannot get a signal, even on the BEC 6600+. The BUD appears to be...
  15. texasclaw

    Pansat 3500S Setup

    I have a Pansat 3500S and am missing the user manual. I need to know how to set it up for a Ku dish with motor. I have Wineguard 76CM Dish, an Invacom 0.3 Universal Ku-Band LNBF, a SG2100-Moteck H to H motorized Mount. I also have a 10' BUD, a Motorola450i analog receiver, and a BEC DB6600...
  16. texasclaw

    3500SD Manual

    I need a copy of the Pansat 3500SD Manual. Did not know where else to ask. Hope this is the right plalce. Thanks in advance.
  17. texasclaw

    Loosing Analog Channels

    A recent conversation with NPS indicates that all analog channels will be lost in the near furure. Is this true? If so, will I be able to get my subscription channels on my Digital (BEC or Pansat) receivers? Am I to understand that C-Band BUD owners must have 4DTV in the near future and...
  18. texasclaw

    Adding PanSat 3500

    My current setup includes a 10" BUD, a Motorola 450i analog receiver and a BEC DB6600+ digital receiver. I plan to add a Ku Winegard 76CM Satellite Dish and a PanSat 3500S digital receiver. What is the best way to utilize all of this equipment for the best viewing possible? Help!
  19. texasclaw

    Big Dish Mesh Repair

    I have a hole in my big dish (10') C-Band Dish. Does anyone know of a source for replacement patches for 1/4" mesh panels. Help! :confused: