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  1. nezerach

    Help needed aiming D1000.2 Eastern Arc

    a 1000.2 dish won't pick up the eastern arc. you will need a 1000.4 with an EA LNB. the 1000.2 will pick up the western arc of 119/110/129
  2. nezerach

    Satellite Finder

    try this site: Satellite Finder / Dish Pointing Calculator with Google Maps | i believe your SK1000 uses the 1000.2 configuration(110 119 and 129 satellites) which is going to be more southwest in ohio( about 230 degrees on the compass and 30 degrees elevation and 125 degrees...
  3. nezerach

    VIP722 Overheating - any way to fix

    my experience has been that, the loud fan is the symptom not the problem. about 9 times out of 10, this problem when i come across it turns out being a short in the cable of sorts. ie water in an outside connector from being loose or a cut in the cable jacket, or a poorly installed connector.
  4. nezerach

    Can any of the 722K configuration be saved/transferred?

    go through the system wizard (hold down the zero button on the remote) on your old receiver, that will save your settings onto the 21.0 remote. and then do it again with the old remote and new receiver. if the new receiver is a 722k you are good to go. if not you are out of luck.
  5. nezerach

    Not receiving 119 even. Can I upgrade?

    i would not recommend any investment in trying to keep you existing system. legacy equipment is being phased out and its days are numbered. call and let them offer you a good deal.
  6. nezerach

    lnb adapter

    sure you can modify the 1k4 yoke to make the 1k2 fit. but the spacing of the lnb "eyes" is different, which is going to change the angles off the reflector. ive never tried it but i dont think you will be impressed with the results.
  7. nezerach

    622->722k, should I take the deal Dish offered?

    i'm with you Frank7004 10 622's in 4 years and hard drives on earlier dvr's?!? you are more likely to get hit with a meteorite than to have that many factory defects. the 622 reciever runs kinda hot to begin with, i think that makes it more vulnerable than the 722k. i would be certain that...
  8. nezerach

    525 problem

    check the temp of the case (shouldn't be much warmer thanambient temp). if it is overheating the fan will run continuous like you describe. check your cables and connections for any shorts (long stingers, water, cable braiding wrapped around stinger) any of these can reduce the life expectancy...
  9. nezerach

    722 reboots, 3rd replacement, what to do?

    3rd reciever replaced because of rebooting and overheating? i would believe you have a bad cable or connection causing an electrical short. also check the connectors outside for signs of water migration (rusty stingers).
  10. nezerach

    DP34 Switch Problem

    328' is a rather long run. recommended by dish of no more than 200' between the LNB to the reciever. that amounts to alot more signal and voltage loss. make sure your connectors are all in good shape and see if you can shorten the cable...
  11. nezerach

    722 Channel Signal Loss on Tuner 2 HD Only

    my first guess would be the LNB. check the system info-details for lnb drift. but its quite possibly the reciever. i have seen a few that have had one of the tuners go bad.
  12. nezerach

    Denver Locals Moving To Spot Beam

    we are loving this up in Buffalo Wyoming. 110 X12 is coming in at a signal strength of 14-16. very fair weather use only
  13. nezerach

    Switching receiver to a different room

    you can't just move the reciever and plug it in.there are a few things to consider if it is to work correctly. first of all: is it connected to to the wall with one cable or two (diplexors)? the cable going to your bedroom, is it rg-6 with high frequency connections?
  14. nezerach

    Who owns my Dish Network Equipment?

    when you call to end service CSR will be able to tell you, and make arrangements to get them back if they are leased. dish will ship you an empty box with a return label, just box up the reciever and call UPS. i think it is safe to say you would remember buying a Vip622, (easy couple hundred...
  15. nezerach

    Diplexers, splitters, and super home node

    a Vip222k or Vip722k with the OTA module will give you 2 room sat and ota channels the same way the super home node would. especially when by itself the super home node does nothing for digital ota signals
  16. nezerach

    Dish 322 setup

    you may want to check these out Dish Network Installation Guides Back-feeding and Installation Technology
  17. nezerach

    SW 21

    i have heard that you can have a Dpp44 and Dp21 used together to get 5 sats on a single tuner, but i forget which order they were set-up. i am pretty sure it was on another topic here on this forum
  18. nezerach

    boot recovery screen

    ive seen boot recovery take over half an hour before on 625s and 622s with the indicator bars going up and down a few times, you just have to let it start and walk away. but that is on new recievers right out the the box with old software. if this happened to you on a reciever that you have had...
  19. nezerach

    New installer needs help

    when i used to use a sat buddy i would point the 1000.2 off of the 129, port #3 of the LNB (horn above the #1 port). point the dish out toward the west and then slowly pan toward the south until i hit the first bump in signal. but of course the super buddy is the way to go (Cadillac vs Yugo)
  20. nezerach

    Dish setup today... had to get two dishes pointing in slightly different directions..

    my mistake there is a kit to convert TV2 to IR. i have no idea what is involved, i just say it for sale at The Dish Store - Powered by Metro25